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Making the move to electronic content can unlock huge efficiencies for businesses—but many lack the time and resources for such projects. How could Turkcell Global Bilgi help its clients go digital?


With a new range of document management services, underpinned by IBM Datacap solutions, Turkcell Global Bilgi is helping clients turn mountains of paper files into rich electronic content.


Up to 80%

faster processing of customer-related documents for a retail client


costs and effort for clients, and helps them ensure regulatory compliance

3 years

for Turkcell Global Bilgi to achieve full return on investment for IBM solution

Business challenge story

Helping clients go digital

Turkcell Global Bilgi’s services help clients to increase customer satisfaction scores, sales and collections, and to reduce costs. Constantly seeking to add greater value for its clients, Turkcell Global Bilgi recently decided to expand its range of offerings to include document management services.

Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel, Sectoral Strategies & Product Development Senior Manager, elaborates: “Many of our clients operate in information-intensive industries, such as retail and financial services, and capture huge volumes of customer-related content every day—most of which is unstructured and paper-based. Companies have a lot to gain from digitizing this content, including reducing processing times and costs, increasing information visibility and boosting productivity.

“And perhaps even more importantly, they can ensure regulatory compliance, reducing business risk. For example, in recent years, businesses have been subject to increasingly strict regulations around customer data and privacy. The new requirements impose penalties on companies who send marketing campaigns to customers without their written permission. In such cases, digitization makes it much easier to review customer information and verify whether they had given permission to receive marketing messages.”

He continues: “While our clients recognize that there are great benefits to be gained by digitizing customer-related information, many of them simply do not have the time and money to invest in such a transformation. We recognized that we had a valuable opportunity to help clients work more easily with information, by handling the up-front document capture and classification work.”

IBM Datacap gives us the power and flexibility we need to process clients’ content efficiently and accurately.

Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel, Sectoral Strategies & Product Development Senior Manager, Turkcell Global Bilgi

Transformation story

Launching new document capture services

To support its new range of document management services, Turkcell Global Bilgi needed an enterprise-grade information capture solution that was capable of processing large volumes of documents efficiently and accurately. After evaluating a number of optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) solutions, the company selected IBM Datacap, and worked with IBM Premier Business Partner Aksis to get the solution up-and-running quickly.

Turkcell Global Bilgi offers its clients integrated solutions built with IBM Datacap. These include a wide variety of professional services, such as 11850 Directory Assistance Services, the Turkcell Global Bilgi Linguistic Web Service, Turkcell Global Bilgi Professional UX Services, and more.

Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel comments: “We evaluated the OCR/ICR solutions against a set of criteria, including overall functionality, image enhancement features, ease of operation, support and flexibility, and IBM Datacap came out on top. Our parent company, Turkcell, has also been successfully using Datacap to support its own document capture and data validation efforts, which gave us confidence that we could achieve similarly positive results ourselves.”

He adds: “When it came to choosing an implementation partner, Aksis was the natural choice. They have served as Turkcell’s technology partner for more than a decade, and have proven experience with IBM enterprise content management software. We worked together with IBM and Aksis to configure and deploy the Datacap solution, and it has been a very positive engagement. If we have questions or need help resolving an issue, IBM and Aksis are always there to answer our call. We know from experience that this kind of responsiveness can be hard to find with other services providers in Turkey!”

Results story

Delivering real results for clients

With a solid document capture and classification foundation now in place, Turkcell Global Bilgi is helping its clients transform the way they work with customer-related content.

For instance, the company has teamed up with one of Turkey’s largest supermarket chains to process more than 7 million customer loyalty card application forms, with the aim of verifying which customers have agreed to receive marketing communications from the retailer.

“IBM Datacap’s OCR/ICR engine is incredibly powerful, and makes it very quick and easy to extract information from even low-quality document images,” notes Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel. “Whereas it takes an average of two and a half minutes to process an application form using manual data entry, with Datacap we can complete the same process in just 30 seconds, or 80 percent faster. Once the data capture and extraction is complete, we return the newly digitized documents and any metadata to the client, so they can integrate it with existing business systems.

“For our retail client, we have already been able to process 2 million customer application forms and confirm which customers have indicated whether or not they wish to receive marketing messages. As a result, the client can ensure regulatory compliance, avoiding hefty fines, and minimize the risk of customer dissatisfaction by respecting their communication preferences.

“What’s more, our clients can use other information supplied by customers in the application form to better understand each customer’s preferences and needs. With this insight, the company can reach out to customers with compelling, personalized marketing messages to strengthen loyalty, retention and increase repeat purchase.”

In addition, Turkcell Global Bilgi will take advantage of IBM Datacap Mobile to extend the benefits of automated document capture and data extraction to mobile devices. The company is currently working with Turkcell Finansman A.Ş.—a spin-off company which acts as Turkcell’s consumer financing division and provides credit solutions for customers—to develop an innovative mobile app that will allow end-customers to submit application forms and related documentation from smartphones and tablet devices.

Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel explains: “Typically, when a customer applies for a financing solution, they must come into a Turkcell dealership to complete the application form and submit supporting documents, including a copy of their identity card, in person. The application is then sent off for processing, and the customer is notified about the result of their request by mail—a process that usually takes several days.

“With our new mobile capture app, customers will be able to fill out an electronic application form and submit photos of supporting documentation directly from their mobile device. What’s more, they will receive a decision about their application in around 15 minutes. This will make the entire process much faster and convenient, helping Turkcell Finansman A.Ş. shorten the sales cycle and shape a better customer experience.”

Behind the scenes, Datacap is bringing a new level of flexibility and efficiency to the way that teams work—helping Turkcell Global Bilgi make better use of existing resources and accelerate processes.

“We have been very impressed by how flexible and fast document capture is with IBM Datacap,” says Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel. “It has been really easy for our users to get to grips with the solution, so much so that we’ve been able to drive greater flexibility around how our people work. For instance, if an employee from one area of the business has some free time, we can allocate them to work with our core data entry team on Datacap-related projects. This helps accelerate document processing and boosts overall productivity, helping us make the most of existing resources to serve clients better.”

With new document processing services, underpinned by powerful IBM technology, Turkcell Global Bilgi is delivering even greater value to its clients.

Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel concludes: “Document management services will be an important complement to our existing portfolio, and IBM Datacap provides the ideal foundation for driving the new line of business, giving us the power and flexibility we need to process clients’ content efficiently and accurately.”

Turkcell Global Bilgi

Established as a Turkcell Group company in 1999, Turkcell Global Bilgi is Turkey’s leading customer experience solutions center, offering services including but not limited to customer experience management, customer care, telesales, customer acquisition, retention and loyalty, collections and technical support. Turkcell Global Bilgi serves 80 million people in Turkey and more than 10 million people in Ukraine and Russia.

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