IBM Datacap gives us the power and flexibility we need to process clients’ content efficiently and accurately.

—Mr. Egemen Caglar Yediel, Sectoral Strategies & Product Development Senior Manager, Turkcell Global

Business Challenge story

Making the move to electronic content can unlock huge efficiencies for businesses—but many lack the time and resources for such projects. How could Turkcell Global Bilgi help its clients go digital?


To help clients reap the benefits of digital content without sacrificing large amounts of time and resources, Turkcell Global Bilgi launched new document management services, supported by IBM® Datacap software, in 2015. The result: clients cut costs, boost efficiency and improve regulatory compliance, while Turkcell Global Bilgi gains a new revenue stream.


Helps clients cut costs, ensure regulatory compliance and speed up processes, with one achieving 80 percent faster document processing compared to manual processing. Creates a new source of revenue for Turkcell Global Bilgi.

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  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
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    • ECM PS - Datacap