So we are avoiding fines and deadlines along with the other programming that has been done into BPM. So we have been able to efficiently go through the last three years without any fines.

Luis Santiago Arango, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Agencia Marítima Turbaduana S.A

Business Challenge story

Shipping regulations are constantly changing. And for each ship in port, Turbaduana must manage 450 different tasks. The business had relied on paper forms to manage its processes. To avoid the costly fines of failing to comply with customs or export codes, Turbaduana needed a more effective process management solution.


Turbaduana worked with IBM Business Partner ne Digital to first use IBM Blueworks Live cloud-based software to document its existing processes. Next, the business used IBM Business Process Manager software to consolidate and automate its processes, eliminating paper forms.


Using the IBM process software, Turbaduana has successfully avoided fines for the past three years. Plus, by having all of its processes in a central location, it is now easier for Turbaduana to onboard new staff.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware