Business challenge

To meet increasing customer demand for solutions designed to streamline, automate and accelerate operations, Tieto wanted to develop a powerful BPM offering.


Turning to IBM for robust BPM and cloud technology, the company delivers scalable, high-performance BPM environments to customers in the Nordic region and beyond.


Anticipates cutting delivery from days to minutes

with an IBM Cloud Private platform

Easily and rapidly adds new BPM functionality

with IBM development tools

Delivers great business value

by helping companies shift focus to key areas

Business challenge story

Looking for robust BPM and cloud capabilities

IT solution provider Tieto offers a broad portfolio of software and services to help companies thrive in a constantly changing business landscape. To better support its customers in enhancing performance, the firm wanted to deliver comprehensive process automation solutions designed to streamline, automate and accelerate critical operations. 

Identifying increasing demand for powerful BPM environments in the banking, insurance and hospitality sectors, Tieto sought a robust BPM application to serve as the engine for its BPM offering. Additionally, by teaming with a well-established global technology leader, the company could continue evolving to stay at the forefront of IT while helping its customers keep pace as well. 

We envision moving much faster with IBM Cloud Private. Currently, it takes days to create a new BPM environment, but with Cloud Private we’ll deliver in minutes.

—Jani Laitonen, Lead Service Architect, Tieto

Transformation story

Transitioning to cloud-based BPM delivery

With IBM Business Automation Workflow software, Tieto provides scalable, high-performance BPM environments to customers in the Nordic region and beyond. “IBM Business Automation Workflow  is the process engine within the solutions we deliver,” says Jani Laitonen, Lead Service Architect for Tieto. “For example, for our insurance customers, the software is the engine that handles claims, typically running the process without human involvement.”

Additionally, Tieto deploys IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) software to help customers establish, govern and automate rules-based decision making. “By combining the process management capabilities of the IBM Business Automation Workflow and Operational Decision Manager to run processes and decision making, we allow organizations to free up employees for other tasks,” says Laitonen. 

Hoping to accelerate the delivery of its process management solutions, Tieto migrated applications to an IBM Cloud Private testing environment to explore the technology. Pleased by the performance and reliability of the platform, the company moved the applications from testing into production. “Our next steps are to migrate more applications and implement IBM DataPower® Gateway in the Cloud Private environment,” says Laitonen.

Results story

Helping customers automate, accelerate and evolve

Tieto delivers great business value to its customers with IBM technology, providing BPM solutions that automate core processes and allow companies to redistribute resources to other business-critical areas. “In the insurance industry, customers are always wondering how quickly they can get reimbursed for claims,” says Laitonen. “Now we’re able to deliver claims handling solutions that manage the process without human touch. Users can call in to get automated status updates on their claims and employees that previously would have been needed for administration can shift focus elsewhere.”  

As business demands shift for its customers, Tieto can rapidly make changes to upgrade and evolve their BPM environments. “We’re improving processes all the time, adding the new functionality our customers need,” notes Laitonen. “The IBM development tools are exceptional and we’re able deliver quickly for our users, who are looking to us for fast response times.”

Tieto anticipates further accelerating overall solution delivery as it continues its transition to the IBM Cloud Private platform. “We envision moving much faster with Cloud Private,” says Laitonen. “Currently, it takes days to create a new BPM environment, but with Cloud Private we’ll deliver in minutes.”

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About Tieto Corp.

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Tieto is a software and services provider offering business process, consulting, devOps, infrastructure, outsourcing and product development solutions. Combining global capabilities with local presence, the company employs more than 14,000 experts in 20 countries.

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