Business challenge

The Patient Safety Company (TPSC) wanted to modernize its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for future growth with a trusted cloud provider that could safeguard sensitive healthcare data and deliver superior performance for customers.


By moving its infrastructure and solutions to a single and scalable solution on IBM Cloud, TPSC gained the ability to provide a security-rich hosting environment that supports high availability for its customers.


40% cost savings

with a single global provider instead of multiple hosting vendors

Improved uptime and speed

with local hosting for the most efficient service

Patient data security

with a global network that supports region-specific privacy laws

Business challenge story

Global vision to improve healthcare delivery

Imagine software designed for patient advocacy — a suite of tools that helps doctors, nurses and other medical professionals continually improve the safety and quality of healthcare. For more than 15 years, The Patient Safety Company (TPSC) has delivered software solutions that do just that. With custom SaaS offerings that streamline workflows, enhance communication and facilitate regulatory compliance, TPSC helps healthcare facilities around the world drive efficiency and reduce the risk of errors in patient care.

Five years ago, the company set a goal to expand its offerings to more customers in more countries to the benefit of more patients around the world. But with a surge in customers year over year, the company’s traditional LAMP stack environment struggled to keep pace. With thousands of users in more than 500 healthcare organizations around the world, TPSC needed to improve the performance and stability of its SaaS platform with a secure and scalable infrastructure that delivered performance without interruptions or unwanted downtime.

“Performance threatened to become an issue with our legacy architecture,” says Rick Bergen, CEO of TPSC. “We wanted to improve performance and stability for our customers — for them, it’s about uptime and speed.”

TPSC serves healthcare organizations that collect and maintain sensitive patient data. With customers across Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, South America and the US, the company required a cloud provider with a global footprint to manage compliance with country-specific data sovereignty laws that protect sensitive personal data. In addition, the company had local cloud providers in multiple regions and hoped to gain more value by migrating its solutions to a single provider and one architecture.

With IBM, we’re working to provide the best possible experience for our customers – and that means uptime and speed.

Rick Bergen, CEO, The Patient Safety Company

Transformation story

Stable, secure and scalable solution

TPSC chose an IBM Cloud solution for its ability to provide a global, scalable and security-rich cloud infrastructure that can facilitate the company’s growth plans and expansion into emerging markets. The company’s SaaS platform, TPSC Cloud™, offers a range of customizable software solutions to help healthcare organizations manage risks and relevant data in a single repository accessible from desktop and mobile devices. TPSC Cloud collects, tracks and analyzes incidents, complaints, audits and other healthcare processes to deliver actionable insights that help organizations learn from these events and continually improve healthcare delivery.

With a global network of IBM Cloud data centers in 19 countries and on six continents, TPSC can seamlessly support country-specific data sovereignty laws, which often require local hosting for sensitive data such as healthcare and financial information. IBM Cloud data centers help to safeguard client data with a standardized set of core controls for a hosting environment designed for superior security.

“IBM was the only vendor we considered that could provide data centers all over the world,” says Bergen. “With IBM Cloud, we have one global standard for our hosting centers, increased visibility and a trusted partner.”

Beyond security, TPSC chose IBM Cloud for its expertise in helping companies modernize legacy applications to deliver speed and simplicity with cluster architecture, containerization and the advanced capabilities of the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. As a first step on its modernization journey, the company migrated cloud data from three separate providers to IBM Cloud to ensure the infrastructure was the same, down to the underlying hardware. Provisioning IBM Cloud bare metal servers in IBM Cloud data center networks supports the high availability its customers require.

“We want to grow with our infrastructure,” says Bergen. “We plan to move to cluster architecture with automatic deployment and containerized software development. We want to develop new functionality for our customers. There’s still a lot to do.”

Results story

Future forward with Kubernetes

With its TPSC Cloud platform on IBM Cloud, TPSC has a security-rich hosting environment and the ability to scale as business demands. With a trusted and global cloud partner, TPSC safeguards patient data and can manage compliance with country-specific data sovereignty requirements. By moving multiple cloud positions hosted by local providers to a single scalable infrastructure and one provider, the company has gained value in performance and decreased its hosting costs by roughly 40 percent. 

TPSC is currently in the process of containerizing its applications with the goal of hosting its platform in a managed IBM Cloud Kubernetes service. Bergen says the move will provide a competitive advantage for TPSC and enable the company to stay ahead of the market with quicker deployments and solutions with more functionality for a better customer experience.

“With local hosting and a new cluster-based architecture our uptime will move to 99 percent or more,” says Bergen, “With IBM, we’re working to provide the best possible experience for our customers – and that means uptime and speed.”

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The Patient Safety Company

The Patient Safety Company (TPSC) is dedicated to improving safety in healthcare delivery with comprehensive software solutions for risk management and quality improvement. TPSC helps healthcare facilities around the world drive efficiency, manage compliance, streamline communication and focus on prevention. The company’s unique software platform offers custom cloud solutions for data gathering, workflow management and process automation. Solutions help healthcare organizations capture, track and analyze critical data that leads to continuous quality improvement.

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