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The Guthrie Clinic run’s their electronic healthcare record system from Epic Systems on the Power E850. Due to the new Cortland Hospital acquisition, they needed to upgrade their core system.


To continue improving health through clinical experience and compassion, The Guthrie Clinic worked with IBM to upgrade from older Power Systems hardware to the latest Power Systems E950.



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Business challenge story

Acquiring under the Guthrie umbrella

Dr. Donald Guthrie founded the Guthrie Medical Group, a multispecialty group practice, in 1910. Over 100 years later, The Guthrie Clinic has grown in size and capability as they operate a healthcare system serving residents of northern Pennsylvania and southern New York. Guthrie is one of the longest established group practices in the country with 5 hospitals, more than 372 primary and specialty care physicians, 204 advance practice practitioners and has more than 1.2 million patients visit each year.

As a non-profit health care organization, Guthrie is focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities it serves. Guthrie is one of the first medical groups to implement CPOE (computerized provider order entry), a process of providers entering and sending treatment instructions electronically rather than paper. Today, Guthrie is running Epic Systems, one of the largest providers of health information technology used by large U.S. hospital and health systems to access, organize, store and share electronic medical records. In fact, The Guthrie Clinic is ranked 9/10 stars and one of 20 clients out of the 400+ clinics with Epic Systems.

For the last six years, The Guthrie Clinic has been running their Enterprise Epic Environment on The IBM Power Systems E850. Recently, Guthrie made a key growth move for their company by acquiring the Cortland Medical Center in Cortland, New York. This instantly grew their population size and increased the amount of workloads and data on their Power E850.

Guthrie realized with the new acquisitions and goals to assimilate more health organizations; they would need to upgrade their Power E850 system to a larger core system with more capacity, reliability and better performance.

Transformation story

Upgrading the core system

The current load and potential load The Guthrie Clinic will have after the new acquisition with Cortland Hospital necessitated them to move off the Power E850 and move to something larger. Therefore, they identified the next platform with IBM.

The Guthrie Clinic worked with IBM and Sirius Computing to plan and upgrade their existing environment to the IBM Power System E950. This midrange server offers a unique blend of enterprise-class capabilities in a reliable, secure, space-efficient form that delivers exceptional performance for medium enterprises like The Guthrie Clinic.  

As Joseph Tokash, Sr. Director, Infrastructure and Communications at The Guthrie Clinic, commented “We experienced great support from IBM and Sirius Computing. Implementing the hardware was quick, painless and flawless. Moving to production was quick with less than 45min-1hr cutover. And lastly, once live the system’s reliability and availability is 99.9999%. Between these three factors, the boxes are rock solid!”

If you have a good thing going, why change? “Familiarity, performance, reliability and availability. I’ve never lost a box and availability is highly important in Healthcare. At Guthrie we are taking care of people and our availability is upmost and actually lifesaving. The fact is, we’ve never had an issue with these boxes over the last six years, it’s solid and works for us. It was truly a no brainer to go forward with the IBM platform.” - Joseph Tokash


Guthrie has had great success with IBM over the last 6 years. This works for us, it’s solid and has great performance and availability. We have no intention of changing platforms.

Joseph Tokash, Sr. Director, Infrastructure and Communications, The Guthrie Clinic

Results story

Providing the best future for Hospitals

Today, The Guthrie Clinic is running their Epic Enterprise Environment on their newly updated system, the Power E950. This upgrade will allow Guthrie to continue expanding and acquiring more organizations or hospitals, gain additional patients in the local area and organic growth for the company.

Furthermore, the Power E950 will allow Guthrie the ability to have larger assimilations in the future. “We are looking down the road at larger potential assimilations. Therefore, it is nice to know we can start staggering or chaining the Power E950s. This upgrade is a better platform with a lot of growth capability for the next upcoming years.” – Joseph Tokash

As for their current system, the Power E850, Guthrie has a strategy set in place to continue utilizing them. As Tokash, explains “We have turned our older equipment into our disaster recovery/non-production support systems such as running our downstream systems; test development, proof of concept, training, etc.”

This top leading non-profit healthcare organization is focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities it serves by providing them the best future as they invest in new technology, doctors, cancer centers, and more. The Guthrie Clinic is looking forward to continuing their relationship with IBM Power Systems and receive 10/10 stars with Epic Systems. The IBM Power System E950 has truly given them the platform to run their Epic Enterprise Environment with more performance, reliability, security and availability.

IBM Power Systems is dedicated to this particular software, Epic. It runs it well and we get great performance.

Joseph Tokash, Sr. Director, Infrastructure and Communications, The Guthrie Clinic


The Guthrie Clinic

Guthrie is a not-for-profit, integrated health care system designed to offer patients a full-spectrum of health services incorporating primary care, complex specialty care, behavioral health services, surgical services, inpatient care, durable medical equipment services, home health, long-term care, palliative care and hospice care. Our integrated approach creates a better experience for our patients and is working to decrease the cost of the delivery of health care.

We serve a large population of people over a wide geographic area. Regardless of how patients enter the Guthrie system, our electronic health record, enables our specialists and primary care physicians to actively collaborate – literally and virtually – to coordinate patient care. Our robust electronic health record enables Guthrie physicians and clinicians to quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of patients’ health needs and our patient portal, eGuthrie, allows patients to access their health information easily on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

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