Business challenge

When a hosting provider failed to meet its requirements for service availability and reliability, Text United sought a new cloud‑based hosting solution to support its innovative content translation platform.


Text United joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur program, launching its offering on an IBM Cloud virtual server platform running an IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition data server.


Enhances availability

to support around-the-clock service for customers worldwide

Drives down costs

and adds transparency while speeding the translation process

Gains a competitive edge

with an advanced cloud-based solution in an industry historically slow to adopt new technology

Business challenge story

Streamlining traditional translation processes

Years of experience in software localization provided Marek Piorkowski, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Text United, with insight into the inconveniences and frustrations involved in working with traditional translation agencies. “The process was extremely manual,” he says. “Basically, a company sent email attachments to a translation agency, the agency did its magic for two or three weeks, and then the customer received the translated document back by email. It was a long, very expensive process with no transparency at all.”

As technology advanced, Piorkowski formed Text United to introduce a new approach to professional translation, creating a software platform that companies can use to engage and work directly with translators in a centralized online environment. When the startup’s hosting provider failed to meet key requirements for availability and reliability, Text United needed to find a new cloud-based hosting solution. “Our translators are working 24x7,” says Piorkowski. “We simply cannot be offline because something went wrong and our platform is unavailable.”

IBM gave us confidence that we were launching our offering in a very reliable cloud platform, and that’s all we needed to know.

Marek Piorkowski, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Text United

Transformation story

Powering up with IBM Cloud infrastructure

Text United began evaluating IBM Cloud infrastructure based on its development team’s positive experience with IBM DB2 technology. Impressed by IBM’s responsiveness and interest in its needs, the company joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur program for startup businesses, performing testing at the IBM Innovation Center in Zurich, Switzerland, before launching the platform in an IBM Cloud virtual server environment. An IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition data server supports the offering’s “translation memory,” storing previously translated material to help customers maintain consistency across texts and avoid retranslating content.

With the cloud-based platform, Text United’s customers can quickly and easily upload files and select a translation resource from thousands of qualified and vetted freelance translators. Organizations can communicate with translators throughout the process, sharing context, points of reference, revisions and other input to translate materials more accurately and effectively.

Results story

Solving the critical reliability issue

With the IBM Cloud solution, Text United gains the scalable, high-availability hosting environment it requires to provide around-the-clock service for customers worldwide. “IBM Cloud technology solves the critical reliability issue we were experiencing with our previous hosting provider,” says Piorkowski. “IBM gave us confidence that we were launching our offering in a very reliable cloud platform, and that’s all we needed to know.”

By offering a solution that brings key players together in a collaborative online environment, Text United accelerates and adds transparency to the traditional translation process while driving down costs. “Everything is much more efficient, with no need to send files back and forth, and our translation memory function automatically sends translators only the content that requires translation,” says Piorkowski. “This reduces costs and means that translations that used to take days or weeks can now be done in hours.”

Launching the innovative solution gives Text United a competitive edge in an industry that has often been slow to embrace new technological developments. “We are winning more and more international clients, and I think it’s just the beginning,” says Piorkowski. “The translation industry tends to be fairly traditional and slow, but change is coming and we have the advantage with our advanced solution built with IBM technologies.”


Text United

Text United formed in 2009 to harness cloud technology and transform traditional content translation into a streamlined, intuitive process. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the company offers an online platform that organizations can use to accelerate and gain greater control over the translation workflow, reduce costs and enhance the quality of translated content. Text United works with thousands of translators in more than 50 countries worldwide to provide its services to users in over 740 cities.

Solution components

  • Db2
  • IBM Bluemix
  • IBM Cloud Virtual Servers

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