Business challenge

To help customers get maximum value from its products and nurture their loyalty, Teradyne wanted to connect them with fast, effective support—but its customer portal was difficult to navigate.


Teradyne transformed its customer-facing and internal portals with IBM collaboration solutions, making it easier for employees to provide customer support, and for customers to access information.



increase in one customer’s satisfaction with search on the new portal


reduction in transfer times for product firmware updates, boosts customer experience


customer loyalty and strengthens Teradyne’s industry-leading position

Business challenge story

Maximizing your biggest asset: your workforce

Are you making the most of the skills and expertise within your company? Firms everywhere devote time and money in attracting the right talent, but if they fail to connect these resources to the right problems, this investment is wasted. And for companies at the leading edge of technological innovation, using internal knowledge to its full potential is especially critical to success. Fabrice Langlois, IT System Architect at Teradyne, takes up the story: “We are in the business of electronics testing and the components we work with become more complex every year. To protect our hard-won customer relationships, we must ensure that our solutions, skills and customer support rise to the challenge.” Like many leading enterprises, Teradyne uses digital portals to help its employees engage with customers and provide support. “We offer our customers access to technical information, firmware updates, software documentation, product alerts and technical assistance through our eKnowledge portal, and we support our employees through an internal portal named InSite,” says Langlois. “In the past, downloading large firmware updates from the eKnowledge portal could take up to 24 hours, which was a significant pain point for our customers. Similarly, the search function was limited and it was difficult to find relevant information.” He continues: “With the underlying middleware solution approaching end-of-life, we saw an opportunity to transform the portals to provide greater value to the business and our clients. Our aim was to create a space where our employees and customers could work more closely together, and we looked for a fresh approach to collaboration.”  

IBM collaboration tools help us apply resources where they are needed, resulting in happier customers and a more effective workforce.

Fabrice Langlois, IT System Architect, Teradyne

Transformation story

Creating a digital workspace

As an early adopter of IBM collaboration tools including IBM® Notes®, IBM Domino®, IBM Sametime® and IBM Connections™, enhancing the portals using IBM WebSphere® Portal was a natural choice for Teradyne. “The idea of a single vendor solution appealed to us and we were confident that IBM WebSphere Portal would integrate easily with our existing stack of IBM technology,” recalls Fabrice Langlois. “IBM offered many of the capabilities we wanted straight out of the box. Better still, we didn’t have to re-train any of our administrators, since they were already familiar with how the IBM tools work and connect to each other.” Working with IBM Business Partner Prolifics, Teradyne put user experience at the center of the design process for the new portals. Prolifics helped the company with its technology selection process, demonstrating the advanced functionality, simple integration and clear upgrade path offered by a combination of IBM Connections, Business Process Manager on Cloud and IBM Security Access Manager solutions. With IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud, the company gained a full lifecycle, low-cost Business Process Management (BPM) environment in the cloud for development, test and production of applications. IBM Security Access Manager enables it to ensure secure, simple user access management and self care and SSO across all portal applications. The company started work on its internal InSite portal first, creating a centralized workspace for employees from all teams, ranging from engineering to human resources to corporate communications, before turning its attention to its customer-facing eKnowledge portal. Prolifics migrated both the eKnowledge and InSite portals to the new IBM environment, equipping the company with modern, intuitive navigation, 24/7 mobile access and laying the groundwork for future streaming video capabilities. “The goal was to put all the information and tools our employees needed in one place, without overloading them with information,” explains Fabrice Langlois. “With single sign-on, they can now access a personalized view that includes their mail, calendar, and instant messaging, while incorporating seamless integration between collaboration and content components. “We haven’t properly launched the integration with IBM Connections yet, so we are looking forward to that. Currently, we have 2,000 unique Connections users per day, but we’re aiming to double that. We’re expecting to see that take off in a big way.” Before, the eKnowledge portals were difficult to navigate and slow to search. Equally, the time it took for customers to download files and documentation was a source of frustration. “By transforming and merging the portals with IBM solutions, we have made it easier for customers to search, find, and download the information that matters from the portal,” elaborates Fabrice Langlois. “We also enable our customers to use the IBM Aspera® client to receive files at high speeds. “We are currently developing a Domino XPages app in the portal called ATQ or ‘Ask Teradyne Questions’, which will be a game-changer for our customer support. Ultimately, customers will be able to post questions or technical issues on the site, which our employees will be able to pick up. Once an employee has found a solution, they can publish it on eKnowledge—enabling any other customer who might experience the issue to find the answer quickly.” He adds: “We have always offered huge amounts of technical information and skills to our clients; with IBM collaboration solutions, we can apply those resources where they are needed, resulting in happier customers and a more effective workforce.”  

Results story

Light-years ahead of the competition

By helping users of its portals access and share information with greater ease, Teradyne is enhancing customer satisfaction and employee productivity. “Our commitment to enhancing the user experience for our new portals has paid off, with both clients and users much happier with the new functionality and navigability of the new portals,” says Fabrice Langlois. “In fact, one customer reported a 40 percent increase in his satisfaction with the search function—and it’s still early days.” Employees and customers alike can access and share information with greater ease, helping to ensure problems are resolved faster. Fabrice Langlois adds: “IBM Aspera has delivered a 10-fold decrease in the time it takes to send files. It used to take about 12 hours for a customer to download a 3GB file, and if the transfer was interrupted part way through, they would have to start it all over again. It now takes just a few minutes to download the same file—a major improvement for the customer experience.” Teradyne is using its new and improved collaboration abilities to build closer relationships with its customers, helping it to protect hard-won market share. Fabrice Langlois concludes: “From what I hear, IBM collaboration tools have helped to put us miles ahead of the competition when it comes to interacting with our clients. As my colleague Nigel Bright says, ‘the old InSite and eKnowledge portals were a problem looking for a solution. The new ones are a solution where problems are difficult to find.’ We are excited about where our journey with IBM solutions might take us next, as we look for new ways to raise the quality of the service we deliver to our customers.”  

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About Teradyne

Teradyne is a leading supplier of automation equipment for test and industrial applications. Teradyne Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is used to test semiconductors, wireless products, data storage and complex electronic systems, which serve consumer, communications, industrial and government customers. Employing 4,300 people, the company reported annual revenue of USD1.75 billion in 2016.

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