Business challenge

Ten Group aimed to expand its marketing efforts to support the launch of a new online concierge service. How could it offer relevant, compelling content to drive engagement and conversion at scale?


Ten Group uses an IBM solution to execute targeted, data-driven campaigns—inspiring members with relevant recommendations and encouraging them to engage with its concierge service and clients’ brands.



customer loyalty with better segmentation and more personalized campaigns


engagement, boosting annual email open rates by more than 15 percentage points


global growth by enabling cost-effective personalization at scale

Business challenge story

Digital marketing with a personal touch

The booming popularity of the digital channel means consumers are inundated with emails. Today, brands must work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd—especially if their target customers are high-net-worth individuals, who are pursued by numerous services providers.

Ten Group helps its clients, typically banks and other financial institutions, nurture high-net-worth customer relationships through its concierge service.

Catherine Allan, Content Director at Ten Group, explains: “We help our clients to build customer loyalty by delivering exclusive concierge services for lifestyle, travel, cuisine and retail for their customers at or better than market prices. We offer short-notice bookings at top restaurants, tickets to sought-after concerts and gigs, and build luxury travel packages for members. Email is an important part of our marketing mix—and we communicate in the brand and voice of each of our clients.”

Ten Group set its sights on expansion into new markets globally. To seize opportunities for growth without driving up its operational costs, the company needed a way to send targeted, relevant content efficiently and at speed and scale.

Jim McCarthy, Content Marketing Manager at Ten Group, adds: “Our messages are an extension of the personal relationship each of our members has with the concierge service, so it’s essential that our communications are relevant and compelling.

“In the past, we relied on a very manual approach to campaign management, which needed extensive checking and testing because each dynamic element had to be built separately each time. Because it took so long to build and launch campaigns, we were limited in the number of targeted messages we could share with our customers. To support our growth strategy, we looked for a way to automate our campaign workflows within a more stable solution.”

We have cut the time it takes for our teams to create mailers and notifications, which in turn enables us to send more targeted messages every week.

Catherine Allan, Content Director, Ten Group

Transformation story

Targeting outreach at speed and scale

To solve the challenge, Ten Group selected IBM Watson Campaign Automation—a digital marketing platform that enables marketers to segment, design, launch and measure the outcomes of multi-channel, digital campaigns rapidly and with minimal manual effort.

“Because we serve the financial sector, security was a key consideration for our digital marketing solution,” explains Allan. “IBM was one of just two vendors out of the many we evaluated that could satisfy our clients’ rigorous governance requirements.”

Today, Ten Group combines data from its customer relationship management platform with contextual information such as home addresses, browsing behavior on its online concierge platform, and booking histories to create fine-grained customer segments.

“When a major artist announces a tour, we contact the thousands of pre-registered fans that we have on our system, as soon the dates are released,” says Allan. “In the distant past, our lifestyle managers had to contact each person one-by-one when tickets went on sale, which was an extremely time-consuming process.

“While our previous email marketing tool enabled us to create segments using static tags uploaded to a database, we can now use the constantly updated data we store in a one-to-many relational table, which enables us to run a query to update interested customers via email. The whole process from tour announcement to deployment now takes less than 30 minutes. We estimate that our new way of working is five times faster than the previous system we were using—freeing my team to focus on delivering more personalized campaigns per day.”

With the IBM solution supporting its marketing process, Ten Group can build campaigns with dynamic fields for copy and images so that even within a segment, recipients can receive emails which are even more personalized to their preferences. And with integrated analytics, the solution helps the company assess the performance of its outreach, enabling the team to quickly make adjustments to keep campaigns on target.

The IBM Watson Campaign Automation Services team helped Ten Group implement the IBM solution, and provided comprehensive training on how to make the most of the platform. By gradually and methodically warming up Ten Group’s IP addresses, the IBM Watson Campaign Automation Services team helped the company build an excellent reputation among ISPs and establish healthy sending patterns—ensuring the deliverability of Ten Group’s email campaigns.

Allan adds: “As well as equipping us with the ability to drill down into the results of our campaigns, the IBM solution is highly flexible and scalable—enabling us to support the multiple languages and character sets we need to drive our global expansion. The fact that IBM really understands the world of marketing and the pace of technological change in the industry also encouraged us to choose the IBM solution.”

McCarthy comments: “Implementing the new solution was a smooth process, and the IBM team was very supportive throughout. When we needed guidance on how to cope with the complexity of our business through dynamic email templates, IBM gave our team the comprehensive training they needed to hit the ground running when we went into production.”

With the support of the IBM Watson Campaign Automation Services team, we have honed our expertise in sending dynamically branded, highly personalized email campaigns on behalf of our clients —helping to strengthen brand loyalty.

Jim McCarthy, Content Marketing Manager, Ten Group

Results story

Matching members with experiences

With IBM Watson Campaign Automation powering its marketing process, Ten Group can now launch targeted campaigns rapidly—helping it boost email open rates and provide the personalized experiences its members expect.

Allan explains: “We have reduced the time it takes for our teams to create mailers and notifications, which in turn enables us to send up to five times more targeted, tactical messages every week. Crucially, we are now also able to better target members with offers, events, and information that is more likely to interest them.

“For example, if a celebrity chef is about to open a new restaurant, we can quickly search for members who have previously made a booking at their other restaurants and who live close to the venue, and let them know the news. Because we now have the capacity to make our emails more targeted and relevant, we have seen email open rates increase by more than 15 percentage points in the last 12 months, showing that the solution is helping us to send targeted, eye-catching campaigns at speed and at scale.”

McCarthy continues: “With the IBM solution, we have unleashed a wide variety of new opportunities to tailor our services more closely to customer tastes. For example, we now use the platform to automatically send surveys to members to gather feedback about our events, which helps us pinpoint improvements and keep members coming back for more.

“With the support of the IBM Watson Campaign Automation Services team, we have honed our expertise in sending dynamically branded, highly personalized email campaigns on behalf of our clients —helping to strengthen brand loyalty. What’s more, the support team’s strategic recommendations on utilizing the capabilities of the platform will help guide our plans for future growth.”

As it expands globally, Ten Group will leverage its new marketing capabilities to communicate with more customers without significantly increasing the cost and complexity of its marketing process.

Ten Lifestyle Group

Founded in 1998, Ten Group provides concierge programs and loyalty solutions to more than 60 million members globally via financial institutions, luxury retailers, and premium brands—helping its clients drive engagement, develop trust, and strengthen brand advocacy with its most valued customers. The company offers its members direct access to unique cultural, gastronomic and travel experiences, exclusively negotiated benefits, and unparalleled customer service via phone, email, and personalized online concierge.

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  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation

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