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Hundreds of companies look to Tectrade to handle backup and recovery tasks. As threats to business continuity continue to evolve, the company needs the most advanced solutions to protect client data.


Tectrade recently added IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to its offerings, enabling the company to provide extended services around backup and recovery for physical, cloud and virtual environments.



Tectrade to deliver tailored services, strengthening client relationships


development of new offerings to enhance client disaster recovery plans


backup and recovery for clients, utilizing advanced snapshot functionality

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Putting clients’ minds at ease

Enterprises today face considerable data protection challenges. From the rise of cloud to the risk of cyberattack and the rapid growth of unstructured data, businesses must respond to a fast-changing landscape of threats to business continuity—which is where Tectrade can help.

Tectrade, a global company headquartered in the UK, specializes in the management, protection and recovery of mission-critical data, with an international client base comprised of hundreds of companies from the retail, healthcare, government, and finance sectors.

Daniel Banche, Technical Sales Architect at Tectrade, explains: “Clients are constantly looking for new ways to use technology to their advantage, but this presents new issues. Businesses rely on cloud-based software but worry how to protect data that no longer stays on-premises. At the same time, companies struggle to keep pace with the sheer volume of data they have to protect and retain in line with compliance rules. And as ransomware attacks hit the headlines, they are now acutely aware of the need to recover rapidly if they are affected. Traditional backup solutions rarely deliver the speed and flexibility needed, pushing them to look for a fresh approach.”

In response, Tectrade aims to deliver a service founded on understanding the unique requirements of each customer. After assessing their needs, Tectrade works with clients to tailor a set of backup and recovery policies. Only then does it design a technology solution to underpin the strategy.

Daniel Banche continues: “To provide the best possible service, we need access to the most advanced backup and recovery technologies. It is vital that we form partnerships that provide the flexible solutions to personalize our services, ensuring we can create the smartest backup and recovery strategy to safeguard their operations.”

Working with IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus gives us the confidence that we can always deliver the right backup and recovery strategy for our clients.

Daniel Banche, Technical Sales Architect, Tectrade

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Utilizing best-of-breed solutions

To underpin its client services, Tectrade draws on a longstanding relationship with IBM, having relied on IBM Spectrum Protect to deliver backup and recovery solutions for two decades. Recently, the company decided to enhance its offerings by adding IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to its portfolio.

Daniel Banche elaborates: “IBM Spectrum Protect has long been an integral part of our services. We are heavily involved in the Spectrum Protect Beta Program and participate in user group discussions to gain feedback from customers. When Spectrum Protect Plus was launched, we were involved in testing to ensure it closely aligns with customer needs.”

Tectrade now provides various services leveraging IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. These solutions help clients looking for backup experts to deploy a best-of-breed solution. Tectrade also works with long-term IBM Spectrum Protect users who want to modernize their data protection environment and add the latest capabilities, including self-service backup, recovery, and re-use of virtual machines, as well as Oracle and SQL Server applications. In addition, the IBM Spectrum Protect products support Tectrade’s Helix Protect Managed Service package, for clients looking to offload backup administration.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus enables Tectrade to tackle more client pain-points than previously, as Daniel Banche explains: “In some cases, we have customers looking for a backup product specifically for their virtual machines, and who also want the option of self-service. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of Spectrum Protect Plus, they can deploy the solution and handle their own file restores and add more virtual machines to existing policy-based workflows. The simplicity of Spectrum Protect Plus means we can give these clients the ability to handle more tasks independently.”

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus will also help Tectrade complete backups for large Oracle and SQL databases. With enterprises moving away from SAN-based backup to tape drives, these tasks have become a significant challenge, as huge amounts of data must be transferred to a disk-based backup server on the main enterprise network. Rather than a weekly full backup of SQL data, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus enables Tectrade to offer an incremental backup service for clients, reducing network demand, shortening backup windows, and helping to make cost-efficient use of storage resources.

With Spectrum Protect Plus, we can take advantage of the latest snapshot functionality to complete rapid data recovery for clients. If they suffer a cyber-attack, data corruption or physical disaster, we can recover data almost instantaneously.

Daniel Banche, Technical Sales Architect, Tectrade

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Delivering flexible backup services

With the addition of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, Tectrade can provide extended backup and recovery services, helping clients ensure that they have the most robust disaster recovery plans in place. As clients look to virtualize more of their data center, Tectrade can provide Spectrum Protect Plus as a standalone offering for virtual machine backups, or integrate with Spectrum Protect to cover physical, cloud and virtualized environments and to establish long-term retention policies for compliance.

Daniel Banche explains: “One of the most impressive aspects of Spectrum Protect Plus is that it is specifically engineered for virtual environments as well as physical ones. Many products that offer backups for virtual machines are solutions retrospectively fitted with VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V capabilities. Offering a product specially designed to support the virtual data center is a major advantage. Many of our clients are still working with traditional server environments at the same time as adding more virtual machines and need a backup platform that covers all bases. The combination of Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus allows us to satisfy that need.”

With IBM Spectrum Storage™ products, Tectrade can focus on client consultation and engagement, achieving its goal of delivering a tailored service closely aligned to the needs of each customer, rather than simply selling technology.

Daniel Banche comments: “We want to address the particular challenges clients face in terms of data protection and recovery. Thanks to the flexibility of the IBM Spectrum Protect solutions, we can build a backup strategy based on each client’s policy requirements, then map that onto the technology rather than offering a generic, one-size-fits-all package. In turn, that consultative approach strengthens client relationships and ensures we act as a trusted partner.”

Utilizing IBM Spectrum Protect Plus will also accelerate client backup and recovery jobs, safeguarding business continuity and upholding Tectrade’s quality of service, as Daniel Banche explains: “As enterprises struggle to handle the volume of data they have to manage, their traditional backup strategies simply will not keep pace.”

He adds: “With IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, we can take advantage of the latest snapshot functionality to complete rapid data recovery. If clients suffer a cyber-attack, data corruption or physical disaster, we can recover data almost instantaneously to minimize disruption to their business operations.”

The IBM solutions have also helped Tectrade to launch new initiatives. For example, the company recently developed its Zero Day Recovery offering, ensuring clients can recover quickly following a ransomware attack. Supported by the Spectrum Protect products, the service covers the creation and storage of client data snapshots, as well as additional backup copies held on physical disk and in an encrypted cloud.

Daniel Banche concludes: “Working with IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus gives us the confidence that we can always deliver the right backup and recovery strategy for our clients. Whatever their data challenge, the IBM solutions provide the agility we need to address their needs. Our relationship with IBM is hugely valuable to Tectrade, and this is just the latest chapter in a long history of success.”

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Headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in Europe and the US, Tectrade is a leading provider of data protection, storage and infrastructure solutions that help businesses to manage, secure and recover their business-critical data assets. Founded in 1991, Tectrade has grown to support hundreds of customers from across industry sectors and on multiple continents. Acquired by the CSI Group in November 2019, Tectrade currently runs over 2 million backups each month for its customers and protects over 131 PB of data.

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