Business challenge

Recognizing that its customers were facing increased data management and auditing requirements, tdglobal wanted to create a solution that would help simplify these governance efforts.


Using IBM technology, tdglobal now offers an integrated data management solution that delivers real-time visibility into corporate data alongside comprehensive audit trails for these records.


Cuts reporting times

from months to hours, streamlining auditing processes

Keeps costs low

with a fully managed solution that avoids up-front expense

Delivers real-time visibility

into enterprise data, allowing users to respond to issues more quickly

Business challenge story

Doubtful data

For over two decades, tdglobal has developed and delivered solutions that help its customers within the tdglobal Group to make efficient, effective use of their critical information. “Our business has data in its DNA,” explains Alan Cowley, Executive Chairman at tdglobal. “We’ve always applied our mind to how our customers can use data in their organizations to best help them drive their businesses.”

While working with various customers across multiple industries, the tdglobal team began to notice a growing trend — namely increased regulatory burdens, like the recently implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on how data is stored, managed and modified.

“All of these standards,” continues Cowley, “ask organizations to be able to trace the origin and history of the data. These businesses need to be able to trust the information they have.” Unfortunately, many organizations struggled to do just that, relying on overly-complicated reporting and tracking structures alongside manual audits. And all of this effort led to increased data management costs and delayed reporting.

Recognizing an opportunity to better serve its customer base, tdglobal developed its new DAIRE solution.

The information is available at the press of a button. Organizations can run a report and have what they need in hours instead of months.

Alan Cowley, Executive Chairman, IBM Business Partner tdglobal

Transformation story

A daring solution

Delivered as a fully managed service, DAIRE empowers users to direct the digital transformation of their enterprise data. For each customer, tdglobal develops a customized DAIRE architecture, helping these businesses to convert their existing records to a usable digital format and centralizing access for this enterprise data, all while offering a suite of monitoring tools that track when and how the information has been accessed and modified.

“Customers these days are looking for a holistic solution,” adds Wayne Borcher, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at tdglobal. “One customer might be looking at analytics, and another may be looking at governance or regulatory compliance, and another focused on data security. We build the right solution based on each customer’s needs.”

To launch its DAIRE offering, tdglobal needed a complementary integrated technology platform — ideally one that was attractively priced. “We’ve always had a high degree of respect for IBM’s offerings in the data space,” explains Cowley. “Its data governance and data management solutions are outstanding.” Based on this reputation, the firm chose to work with IBM for the delivery of its DAIRE offering.

Becoming a next-gen IBM Business Partner, tdglobal signed an Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA), standardizing its new offering on IBM technology. The business provides the automated deployment and holistic monitoring capabilities used for the solution, running these tools within the IBM InfoSphere Information Server data integration platform. The reporting arm of the overall solution, in turn, relies on an IBM Cognos Analytics framework alongside IBM SPSS® software.

“Our ESA lets us embed these IBM tools directly in our technology,” adds Cowley. “And that IBM software offered broad connectivity and a platform that significantly accelerated the development, management and security of our solution. IBM also provided us with technical guidance, support and access to code samples, improving our efficiency and delivery timelines.”

We’ve always had a high degree of respect for IBM’s offerings in the data space. Its data governance and data management solutions are outstanding.

Alan Cowley, Executive Chairman, IBM Business Partner tdglobal

Results story

Renewed trust

The DAIRE solution offers real-time visibility of enterprise information, providing users with valuable insight into data trends and creating a clear audit trail for all corporate records. In turn, organizations can simplify their data governance processes while encouraging greater trust in their enterprise data. And as a fully managed service, users are able to take advantage of these capabilities with less cost and without an administrative burden.

DAIRE also routinely helps users to more easily comply with various reporting regulations and standards. “It will normally take a client a month or two to gather this information manually,” clarifies Borcher. “But with our solutions, they can constantly track their data and intervene before there are issues, completing reports in a matter of hours.” This early intervention, in turn, helps to avoid potential rule violations and fines.

Of course, the business is also pleased with its choice of technology partner. “With our ESA,” explains Cowley, “we were able to reduce the development cost of our branded solution, and we were able to accelerate our speed to market. It’s great having our business backed by IBM expertise and technology.

He continues, stating: “Besides its broad skills and abilities, the benefit of working with IBM is working with a local team no matter where we are. Similarly, we have skills in financial services, but as we transferred into the insurance industry, the skill that IBM brought also helped us penetrate into that market.”

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Founded in 1991, IBM Business Partner tdglobal (previously operating as Navomax Pty. Ltd.) provides database and technology solutions designed to help customers more easily manage, store and use their data. The business is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and it markets its DAIRE solution as well as its other offerings through its parent company, tdglobal Group, which is headquartered in Singapore.

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