Business challenge

When things go wrong and you need to make an insurance claim, it should be quick and hassle-free. How could Tawuniya deliver the speedy, stress-free and top-quality service that customers expect?


Tawuniya teamed up with Saudi Business Machines to digitize and centralize content with IBM Enterprise Content Management software, giving staff fast access to information they need to work effectively.



reduction in time required to access documents, boosting efficiency


claim processing time, enhancing service


productivity significantly, benefiting the company’s bottom line

Business challenge story

Fine-tuning claims management

Whether it’s looking for a quote, making a claim, or renewing a policy, customers expect a smooth and personalized experience from their insurance provider. As Saudi Arabia’s oldest and largest insurer, Tawuniya maintains its leadership by keeping operations in step with the latest industry trends and customer requirements.

Ahmed Moheb, ECM Program Manager at Tawuniya, begins: “We settle more than 10 million claims every year, and we are committed to providing each and every one of our customers with service that is second to none.”

“When processing a claim, our teams have to handle a huge amount of information—from the claim submission itself to supporting documentation and correspondence with agents and other partners. It’s vital that our teams have ready access to all this content, as the faster they can review and process all the information, the faster they can respond to agents and customers on the front line.”

However, Tawuniya found that its existing approach to content management was making it increasingly difficult to deliver the right information to the right people in a timely fashion, lengthening claims processing times and slowing response to customers.

Ahmed Moheb continues: “Electronic documents were scattered across several different content repositories, and staff had to use custom-developed applications to capture and access data. It took our people a great deal of time and effort to track down the content they needed, and it was almost impossible to obtain a single, trusted view of customer information. We were also challenged by document duplication and version control, making it difficult to keep track of what content we had.”

To compound the problem, the technologies that Tawuniya had in place for content capture and extraction had reached end of support—and the insurer seized the opportunity to take a new approach to content management.

We estimate that staff can access documents 30 percent faster than before thanks to the IBM ECM solutions.

Ahmed Moheb, ECM Program Manager, Tawuniya

Transformation Story

New ways to work with content

To drive its digital transformation, Tawuniya selected an extensive suite of IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, and worked with IBM Business Partner Saudi Business Machines Ltd. (SBM) to implement the new technology.

“IBM was our first and only choice when it came to selecting a new content management platform,” notes Ahmed Moheb. “Tawuniya has used IBM solutions since its inception, and we have always been impressed by both the capabilities of IBM technology and the quality of support we receive from the IBM teams.”

“Similarly, we have a well-established partnership with SBM, having worked with them on a number of projects over the years. This was a huge initiative for us, and being able to count on the experience and expertise of a partner like SBM was crucial to achieving a successful outcome.”

As a first step, Tawuniya consolidated its disparate content repositories to a single, centralized platform, built on IBM® Content Foundation solutions. The company established a standardized document taxonomy and content approval workflows using IBM Case Foundation software.

In addition, SBM helped Tawuniya develop a web integration layer to unify all the new components, along with a customized user interface that enhances the look-and-feel of the platform and makes it easy for teams to get the most out of the IBM software.

Working with SBM, Tawuniya implemented the IBM solutions and migrated approximately 15 million existing documents to the new platform in just six months.

Ahmed Moheb recalls: “A project of this scale would typically take at least a year to pull off, but thanks to SBM we were able to complete the work in just six months. We used a special migration tool developed by SBM to move our documents to the new IBM platform quickly and securely. Being able to draw on SBM’s experience with similar projects was also a huge advantage; the team really helped us to stick to a very tight delivery timeline.”

Essam Bastwesi, IBM Practice Manager at SBM, adds: “Completing an ECM migration without disturbing the business is always a real challenge, but having the right people with the right skills and introducing the right technology was our strategy for success.”

Following the migration, Tawuniya’s next step was to deploy IBM Datacap to streamline the capture and classification of inbound documents. The company makes use of Datacap’s barcode recognition functionality to easily separate and index documents—speeding information capture while minimizing data entry errors.

To give employees a straightforward and consistent way to access and view documents, Tawuniya uses a combination of IBM Content Navigator and IBM Daeja™ ViewONE technology. The company also utilizes an IBM Content Collector plugin to support easy archival and retrieval of emails and attachments.

Tawuniya has set up the new IBM ECM solutions in a high-availability configuration, ensuring business users have uninterrupted access to key content and applications, even in the event of downtime at the company’s main production site.

“Without a doubt, our business users have more trust in the data in our system now,” says Ahmed Moheb. “Better still, because we implemented our solution in a high-availability configuration, we help ensure that our systems are always available when our people need them. Running multiple instances also means that we can perform enhancements and upgrades without taking the system offline—contributing to extremely high levels of availability.”

Completing an ECM migration without disturbing the business is always a real challenge, but having the right people with the right skills and introducing the right technology was our strategy for success.

Essam Bastwesi, IBM Practice Manager, Saudi Business Machines

Results Story

Enhancing the experience

By embracing more efficient content management technologies, Tawuniya is empowering its employees to work more productively.

“We’ve received very positive feedback about the new platform. Employees really like the modern interface and were able to get up and running with it quickly. This is a big win for us, as the easier our systems are to navigate and use, the more effectively our people can go about their day-to-day activities.”

Now that teams can access content exactly when and where they need it, their time and focus has shifted to delivering quality experiences that strengthen customer loyalty and protect Tawuniya’s hard-won market share.

Ahmed Moheb confirms: “Our teams no longer have to hunt through multiple systems for information; everything is stored in one central location and people can find the content they need in seconds. We estimate that staff can access documents 30 percent faster than before thanks to the IBM ECM solutions. This helps us to respond rapidly when customers or agents get in touch, as well as cut our claims processing times—which adds up to happier, more loyal customers.”

He concludes: “The enhancements we’ve made to our ECM landscape with IBM and SBM are just the first step in a much larger digital transformation here at Tawuniya. In the coming months and years, we are looking forward to introducing even more cutting-edge technology that helps our people work in more agile ways and deliver an insurance experience that exceeds expectations.”

A project of this scale would typically take a year to pull off, but thanks to SBM and their in-house developed accelerators, we completed it in just six months. Drawing on SBM’s experience with similar projects was a huge advantage.

Ahmed Moheb, ECM Program Manager, Tawuniya

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The Company for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya) is a multi-line insurance carrier based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1986, Tawuniya provides insurance for individuals and corporations, and offers automobile, marine, property and casualty, medical and engineering insurance.

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