Business Challenge

Takiwā is currently working to address challenges in sectors like health, education, culture and identity, social and environmental well-being and economic development. This means it often collects sensitive and valuable data from a broad range of sources, including government agencies. To ensure compliance with data sovereignty laws and to make its platform secure and robust, Takiwā needed to migrate from an offshore to an onshore cloud-based platform in New Zealand.


With a goal to better manage risk and compliance, Takiwā decided to migrate to IBM’s Commercial Cloud offering. This allowed Takiwā to host its visual analytics platform–and the sensitive data it collects–within New Zealand, enabling real-time, round-the-clock protection. This robust migration journey was enabled by IBM Cloud Managed Services, which gave Takiwā quick access to IBM specialists when necessary. Since it puts a premium on data security, this transition to IBM Cloud has made Takiwā attractive to even the most risk averse clients.

Business Benefits

  • Secure sensitive data with onshore hosting on IBM Cloud
  • Faster response time with local IBM specialists managing the environment
  • Access to new clients with tight data sovereignty requirements

  • IBM Global Technology Services