Tabtor is on a big mission and we don’t think that this mission is possible just by us working alone on our own. We use IBM Cloudant, which allows us to scale the product to meet demands, while incorporating IBM Watson for data insights and cognitive input.

Raj Valli, Founder & CEO, Tabtor Math,

Business Challenge story

With primary and secondary education lagging in the U.S., Tabtor wanted to completely alter how students learn by creating a cloud-based, DBaaS platform that could observe student writing at the millisecond level to best understand what students are thinking when solving problems.


To produce intelligence about each learner from this information, Tabtor needed to disaggregate and re-aggregate data at massive scale, which Cloudant allows them to do. Paired with IBM Watson, the platform provides data insights and cognitive input, which teachers can use for personalized instruction.


Teachers using Tabtor see phenomenal improvement in productivity. On average they see between 70-80% improvement in productivity, mainly because it reduces their need to focus on every single problem that a student has solved. Students using Tabtor see improvement in their performance as well, reaching up to an average of 90% improvement in student learning outcomes in as little as 10 weeks.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud