In a nutshell, the IBM Bluemix platform offers you a next generation cloud services platform for the developers to quickly build, deploy and run their applications.

Akhil Hada, Global Technology Lead – Application Platform and API Management, Tata Consultancy Services

Business Challenge story

Many organizations are looking into platform as a service (PaaS). But to adopt PaaS, organizations must first have a defined cloud strategy at the organizational level.


TCS helps businesses implement IBM Bluemix (now known as IBM Cloud) and shift from using traditional programming languages for application development to composing new applications from existing services.


With the IBM Cloud platform, customers can expedite the development process significantly, easily adding features such as IBM Watson cognitive capabilities. Plus, the pricing model for the IBM platform is pay-as-you-go, which means companies can begin working on new projects with minimal up-front costs.

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  • IBM Cloud
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    • 6950-05J IBM Bluemix Private Cloud Local (CloudBU) Withdrawn