We found it was very easy to get a visual representation of what we were looking at and were really surprised by the questions it prompted us. Your data would go in and suddenly there were 6 or 7 english phrases asking would you like to see this in your data. Its unbelievable for a reporting tool to tell you actually what to look at.

Adam Hunt, Business Systems Manager, Mears Group PLC

Business Challenge story

Mears Group plc analyzed its large volume of IT-driven data to predict where to provide its housing repair and maintenance services. However, data analysis was complex and took too long. Mears needed an advanced analytics platform that was easier to use and that would generate information that its users could more easily understand.


Mears implemented an advanced analytics platform based on IBM Watson Analytics Professional Edition software. The client uses the solution for data discovery, data exploration and automated predictive-analytics capabilities. Mears also uses the software to create dashboards and infographics.


By implementing IBM Watson Analytics Professional Edition software as an advanced analytics platform, Mears gained better visibility and deeper insight into its data. Now the client can view granular details and form a better understanding of the data without the help of the IT department. Relatedly, users can create infographics and dashboards without needing to ask IT resources or a data scientist for assistance. Thanks to the new solution, Mears improved the customer experience by providing resources and tools that it was incapable of offering before.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • AI/Watson
  • Solution Components

    • Cognos Analytics