Overview: Subaru advertising looks to further engagement

There’s safe, and then there’s Subaru safe. As a leading safety vehicle brand with a lifetime commitment to protecting drivers through industry-leading safety innovations, Subaru approached IBM Watson Advertising and their solutions on The Weather Channel digital properties looking to reinforce their commitment to safety on the road, especially during challenging weather conditions.

To provide drivers with information and help keep them safe on the road through all weather conditions, Subaru created a Driving Difficulty Index (DDI) Commuter Forecast Tool: a new map layer that displayed on The Weather Channel's interactive maps across mobile, tablet, and desktop. Since drivers often feel most vulnerable during severe weather, Subaru was able to reach them as they looked to The Weather Channel’s digital platforms for information, comfort, and safety during severe weather.

Subaru’s mission was further amplified through native stories content sponsorships, custom adaptor creative, and co-branded banners, resulting in impressive engagement on The Weather Channel – when it mattered most.

Results: Subaru’s advertising efforts drive engagement

Subaru's Driving Difficulty Index (DDI) campaign saw notable growth and top engagement during 2015-2016 winter storms:

  • 4 minute average visit (The Weather Channel web & mobile web)
  • 66% of page views were repeat visitors


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