Stronghold and IBM have been collaborating together on the Stronghold US Dollar, which is a Stablecoin that has been introduced into IBM’s worldwide network…. This particular technology is disruptive because it enables us to get payments to people in the middle of nowhere, effectively, in seconds

Sean Bennett, Cofounder and CTO , Stronghold

Business Challenge

Stronghold wants to provide a better financial infrastructure that would reach both the underbanked population, as well as cater for some of the larger organizations. Stronghold’s mission is to not only take the Blockchain technologies that are already out there today but to actually make them usable for the users. So one of the big problems is that Stronghold has introduced a whole heap of new currencies that people don’t know how to use, they don’t even know what they are. Stronghold wants to make sure that users can see normal currencies, like the United States dollar, but have that supported by Blockchain infrastructure.


Stronghold is using IBM Blockchain technology to create a financial infrastructure for the unbanked population in remote areas. Instead of using local currency to conduct transactions, the organization worked with IBM to create the Stronghold US Dollar. It acts like a token on IBM World Wire blockchain network, facilitating payment transactions to people and businesses in remote areas with weak local currencies.

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