Business challenge

In a highly competitive weather app environment, The Weather Channel was looking to drive downloads of its Storm Radar app across its web and mobile properties.


Leveraging three different creative approaches in addition to a control ad, Accelerator used AI to rapidly and continuously learn and then predict which creative elements would resonate with each audience based not only on how consumers react but also on a multitude of other key signals such as DMA, device type, weather and time of day.

Accelerator delivered a unique ad unit loaded with the most inviting creative to the right audience each and every time, ultimately increasing app downloads at an unprecedented rate.

Over the span of just 23 days, Storm Radar:

  • Increased app installs by 3x
  • Saw a 241% lift in ad performance over control
  • Generated over 600 different creative permutations to help meet the needs of specific audience groups

Solution category

  • AI/Watson