The flexibility and the different analytical tools that IBM BigInsights brought and the fact that they were all integrated together in a single system was the element that made it stand out against other solutions.

Michael Gleaves, Head of Business Development, Hartree Centre, Science and Technology Facilities Council

Business Challenge story

The Industrial clients of STFC had huge amounts of data being created from different sources. Their major challenge was manage, analyze and create value from this data. The real problem was to do that at speed.


STFC developed a platform based on IBM Analytics products to help its industrial clients analyze huge amount of disparate data. The clients can now get meaningful insights from the huge pile of data which was not possible before.


Helped clients with meaningful business insights which helps them perform better. This has helped them achieve a competitive advantage. They are now reaching out to STFC for second and third project which is a proof that the there is a great value add which these projects provide to them.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
    • Streams
    • Streams
    • Watson Studio & Modeler