IBM is probably the only company that has the cognitive genes and the capabilities and the full suite of capabilities to serve enterprise clients.

Usman Shuja, VP, Market Development, SparkCognition

Business Challenge story

SparkCognition Inc. needed a way for its customers to view large volumes of data. For example, a typical security expert or a company would see approximately 10,000 alerts each day. These customers needed a way to apply cognitive analytics and artificial intelligence to distill and prioritize those alerts so the security expert could focus on the right problems. To meet this goal, the company sought new cognitive software.


To reduce data complexity, SparkCognition implemented IBM Watson software to transform its customers’ business by processing and understanding unstructured data. The client can program what-if statements to determine next steps. In addition, security is an ideal problem to solve through cognitive capabilities. For example, SparkCognition works with The Flowserve Corp., one of the largest pump and valve manufacturers in the US, to predict pump failures six hours in advance by understanding the physics of the asset.


By implementing IBM Watson software, SparkCognition expects to increase productivity for its customers. Specifically, the Flowserve customer improved pump engineer productivity by a factor of 20. Security threats that used to take nine labor hours to resolve and research were reduced to nine seconds or less.

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