As the CEO of SIAA I believe that better planning for Brazil can be achieved with high resolution forecasts, and this is why we partner with IBM.

Felipe Murai Chagas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SIAA

Business Challenge

Planning is not common in the Brazilian culture, but SIAA is in the business of generating forecasts to help shipping companies and ports better plan for weather disruptions. Hindered by the lack of accurate weather data, SIAA turned to IBM Business Partner BuildIT, which led the organization to IBM and The Weather Company for a solution.



BuildIT helped SIAA power its analytics on IBM Cloud and enhance its existing platform with IBM Watson AI technology for predictive analytics. SIAA now uses data from The Weather Company Data Packages to populate its forecast models, offering them on a commercial platform called Aimar. SIAA is changing the country’s lack of planning through these high-resolution forecasts offered to anyone who needs to prepare for and respond to severe coastal weather conditions.  


Solution Category

  • Watson
  • IBM Cloud