Business Challenge

To maintain its hard-won market-leading position, SEIDOR needed to satisfy customers’ appetites for enhanced flexibility and easy IT management at a competitive price point.


SEIDOR deployed the SAP HANA database on IBM Power Systems servers, and launched the solution as a cloud-based pay-per-use platform.


Over 70

customers and 3,500 users have already signed up to the new cloud service


growth expectations


top-quality, cost-effective services for clients

Business challenge

Facing tough client demands

Customers in the computer services industry constantly demand enhanced flexibility, scalability, availability and end-to-end management of their IT systems – all at competitive price points.

If SEIDOR wanted to maintain its hard-won position as one of the leading technology consulting firms in Spain, and pursue its ambitious expansion plans, it knew that ensuring top customer satisfaction was key.

Taking advantage of its long-established SAP expertise, the company saw an opportunity to offer its customers pay-per-use SAP HANA solutions hosted in the cloud. To make this proposal commercially viable, SEIDOR sought an agile, resilient and secure infrastructure in support of SAP HANA environments.

Today our SEIDOR Cloud manages more than 70 clients and over 3,500 users, and we expect double-digit growth in this part of the company.

Santiago Anguera, Deputy Director General, SEIDOR


Enlisting expert support

After reviewing several SAP-certified solutions, SEIDOR chose to deploy the SAP HANA database on two IBM Power System S824L servers. The decision was motivated by the IBM solution’s excellent performance, scalability and cost-efficiency – all crucial factors for SEIDOR.

The servers are connected to IBM FlashSystem 900 devices and two IBM Storwize V5000 systems. The storage environment is virtualized using IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software.

The SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems solution is integrated with SEIDOR’s various service layers, ranging from infrastructure management, operating systems management, SAP Managed Services and SAP Basis Administration.


Forecasting double-digit growth

Today, SEIDOR’s customers benefit from an SAP-certified solution which offers superb reliability, scalability and performance. Offering the solution in pay-per-use mode also boosts cost-effectiveness, and significantly boosts customer satisfaction and retention.

Additionally, the solution allows SEIDOR to optimize its data center resources, simplify its IT management and minimize risks.

SEIDOR is confident that the new offering will help the company grow its customer base. Over 70 customers and more than 3,500 users have already signed up to the new cloud service, and SEIDOR expects double-digit growth in this part of the company. As a result, the solution will help SEIDOR pursue its global expansion strategy.


SEIDOR is a Spanish multinational technology company that provides consulting services and software solutions. Employing more than 3,000 people and with a turnover of EUR 260 million in 2015, SEIDOR is currently one of the leading IBM Business Partners, and also specializes in SAP products and solutions.

Solution Components

  • IBM Power Systems S824L
  • IBM-SAP Alliance
  • IGF: IT Financing - IBM Hardware
  • Spectrum Virtualize

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