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ProMare and IBM launch the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, a crewless marine research vessel built by ProMare and IBM, will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the original Mayflower voyage in April 2021, by sailing from the UK to the US.

PalaisPopulaire by Deutsche Bank

Meet MIA — the AI tour guide that helps visitors enjoy art interactively

AI’s journey into the art world is just beginning, and at one museum in Germany, visitors are tapping into this completely new experience. Working with IBM, Berlin’s PalaisPopulaire by Deutsche Bank developed a virtual guide called Museum Intelligent Assistant (MIA) using IBM Watson® Assistant technology on IBM Cloud®. MIA delivers a unique digital tour for visitors.

ENN Group Co., Ltd.

An energy giant takes the leap into AI automation

ENN taps into hyperautomation to boost productivity and uses IBM automation and AI capabilities to deliver intelligent virtual assistants that increase productivity and efficiency. Find out how IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Pak for Automation make it possible.

The show must go on

Students showcase their art with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

UAL had 7,000 students set to receive degrees in 2020. Each of them had worked hard for years, and they all deserved a chance to showcase their creations. So when COVID-19 made traditional in-person showcases impossible, UAL turned to the IBM iX team for help. After gathering input from multiple stakeholders, the team developed a digital showcase using Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. As a result, UAL graduates now have access to a living catalog — a place share their work with friends, family and prospective employers.

Mitsubishi Chemical

In quantum pursuit of game-changing power sources

Applying quantum computing to help develop lithium oxygen batteries with greater energy density.

State Bank of India

The rise of a financial tiger

When India’s oldest and largest bank envisioned digital transformation — at the scale of 491 million customers — it needed a global partner. The bank used intelligent workflows and IBM Garage to deliver digital financial options in an app that’s already seen 50 million downloads.

Coca-Cola European Partners

CCEP accelerates its strategic transformation

Coca-Cola European Partners migrates mission-critical workloads to the cloud, working with IBM to accelerate its strategic transformation, reduce costs and lay foundations for the future

Etihad Airways

Delivering a premium travel experience

An ambitious digitization project makes airport check-ins fast and easy. Etihad Airways worked with IBM Services and IBM Cloud to improve speed, simplicity and access to its digital services, thereby making the quality of Etihad customers’ digital experiences match that of the their travel experiences.

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