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PalaisPopulaire by Deutsche Bank

Meet MIA — the AI tour guide that helps visitors enjoy art interactively

AI’s journey into the art world is just beginning, and at one museum in Germany, visitors are tapping into this completely new experience. Working with IBM, Berlin’s PalaisPopulaire by Deutsche Bank developed a virtual guide called Museum Intelligent Assistant (MIA) using IBM Watson® Assistant technology on IBM Cloud®. MIA delivers a unique digital tour for visitors.

Kerry Group

Helps food and beverage producers tap into emerging trends with predictive AI

With IBM Cloud® and IBM Watson® technology, IBM and Kerry created a predictive AI platform to help food and beverage producers tap into emerging trends worldwide. Now, Kerry Taste & Nutrition can deliver product concepts more quickly and support its customers in launching distinctive new offerings at the peak of consumer demand.

Galp unifies operations for sustainability success

Building an integrated platform for energy innovation with IBM and SAP

Galp is committed to developing efficient and sustainable solutions in its operations and integrated offers for its customers, with a strong commitment to energy transition. The company creates simple, flexible and competitive solutions for businesses and individual consumers. By working with IBM® Services® to move to integrated, optimized digital workflows on SAP S/4HANA®, Galp is gaining near-real time insights into customer preferences—helping it maximize lifetime value and nurture loyalty.


Insures against interruptions to health and wellbeing services with 24/7 access to critical systems

BHSF builds better workplaces through its health and wellbeing services. To ensure working people can access these services when they need them, BHSF took out an insurance policy against downtime, engaging IBM Business Partner Meridian IT to host essential applications in a high-availability cloud environment running on IBM® Power Systems™ servers.

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