There’s a host of services that we provide straight out of IBM Cloud. Of course, that’s been important for us because it allows us to eliminate a lot of the work providing the middleware and the infrastructure that we did traditionally.

Hikmet Topcuoglu, General Manager, Savronik Electronik

Business Challenge

One of the main areas of focus for Savronik is simulation and training systems. They wanted a solution that would enable them to access an online, interactive training platform which would enable the use of advanced simulators, simulators that are supported with VR and augmented reality to provide professional training. The client wanted this platform to be accessible across all locations and devices.


By using IBM Cloud and IBM Watson, Savronik Electronik was able to create simulation-based professional training applications and also a capable infrastructure to seamlessly integrate these simulators with multiple devices at the facility.


The client engaged IBM Cloud and IBM Watson to provide a stable platform for advanced training applications. With the help of IBM Cloud, the simulators could be used online, across multiple locations and on different devices.


IBM Cloud provides a host of services including a reliable platform to host professional training simulations across all locations and devices. it reduced the cost by creating an online application for interactive and advanced training sessions. With this solution the audio, visual and sensory capabilities of simulation applications received lot of bandwidth by delivering better GPU capabilities over the network.

IBM Watson was used as an artificial intelligence platform that helped warn the trainees regarding mistakes made during training and also provide feedback and scores in continuous and real time. Also, training information provided by the simulators were saved within the Blockchain and could be accessed by companies looking to hire new resources. This allowed a perfect match between finding and providing skills.

Solution Category

  • AI/Watson
  • IBM Cloud