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Ideatolife Inc.

Do it together. Do it better.

Wanting to do more for its customers and do it faster, Ideatolife became an IBM Next Generation Ecosystem Business Partner. Now operating under IBM Embedded Solutions Agreements (ESAs), the company migrated its key offerings to IBM® Cloud™, allowing the firm to improve service, accelerate innovation and scale into new markets.

Banco Angolano Investimentos (BAI)

Banco BAI augments compliance, employee, customer & stakeholder service

Banco Angolano Investimentos (BAI), a private bank in Angola improves compliance, increasing profits when it implements the IBM Digital Business Automation suite.

Rush University Medical Center

Strategically reconstructing how patients flow through the emergency department

With a bustling emergency department (ED), Rush looked to enhance its patient experience by improving flow, cutting wait times and reducing the number of patients who leave without being seen (LWBS). Teaming with IBM® Watson Health™ Simpler®, the hospital began to see a significant reduction in lengths of stay in its flow cells and significantly more patient volume through its quick turnaround, low resource flow cell.

Caixa Bank

Centralizing back offices through automation

CaixaBank, S.A., uses the IBM Business Automation Workflow software to automate its core processes, centralize its back offices, and to improve customer service.


Finnair chooses IBM Watson AI to enable proactive decision making

Following the worldwide trend, today’s airline industry is becoming increasingly digital. Finnair chose the power of IBM Watson AI technology to accelerate its digital transformation and improve airline operation and customer service. Now, using AI-driven predictive analytics, Finnair hopes to reduce unplanned maintenance, speeding aircraft turnaround between flights. An always-on chatbot answers employees’ HR questions. And another Watson-enabled chatbot helps the airline create more personalized services for customers, for example, by recommending destinations based on their profile.


Migrates to microservices and releases new features in a fraction of the time

A leading technology firm in Saudi Arabia, Tabadul sought greater IT flexibility to support its country’s transformation into a global logistics hub. Adopting a microservices architecture based on IBM® Cloud Pak™ for Integration technology, the company can now work far more quickly and efficiently to accommodate new requirements as they arise and scale easily with demand.


Filling open positions faster with Max, an AI-powered recruitment bot

msg, a global IT service provider, is growing fast — really fast. To help it meet its aggressive recruitment targets, msg built Max, a bot powered by IBM® Watson® technology. Max answers candidates’ job-related questions and empowers applicants to match their own curricula vitae (CV) to the most suitable open positions, supporting and accelerating the hiring process.

Ehrhardt + Partner Group

Launches AI logistics platform to forecast warehouse workloads

For logistics companies, managing human resources effectively within a warehouse environment is an ongoing challenge. With IBM® Cloud™ hosting infrastructure provisioned by IBM Cloud Services, EPG launched a platform that uses IBM Watson® technology to predict order fulfillment demand and prepare customers to cover workload peaks with optimal staffing levels.

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