Business Challenge story

A leading player in the luxury lingerie marketplace, La Perla Global Management S.r.l. designs and produces hundreds of products, and optimizing, synchronizing and reconciling its logistics and shipping operations was a daunting task. Every day, La Perla plans more than 60,000 items and 500,000 customer orders or forecast sales plans. To gain more control of planning and shipping and to meet customer requirements, the company sought an advanced solution with technology powered by the precision of mathematics.


Precision in planning requires that appropriate supplies and equipment are available for each order and equates to the best use of labor, on-time shipments, and customer satisfaction. La Perla’s solution features a shipping optimization system (SOS) module that works with the embedded mathematical optimization constraints engine to improve shipping operations. In this way, the system automatically suggests not only the most suitable mix of products to be shipped, but also when to ship and who to ship to.


The solution significantly increased the number of shipped orders following all the requirements stated by La Perla’s customers. Moreover, it automatically generates shipment proposals that reduce time and labor costs. The solution also indirectly improved the efficiency of the logistics process with automation and more accurate information. Production operations now has a complete view of inventory use and availability.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • C&P: Supply Chain Optimization
    • Consumer Products: Supply Chain