RSG Media is uniquely positioned with its use of data analytics, alongside a good partner like IBM, to help our clients tackle their toughest content, advertising, and marketing problems.

Bikash Panigrahi, Chief Technology Officer, RSG Media

Business Challenge story

With audiences fragmented across a wide range of viewing platforms that offer unique obstacles for monetization, media companies increasingly struggle to understand audience behavior.


RSG Media’s Media Mantra A2SI analytics platform gives media companies greater power to optimize programming schedules and deliver hyper-targeted audiences for advertising and marketing campaigns.


Programmers can build competitive schedules to grow audiences. Targeted advertising optimizes campaigns by reallocating inventory in real time. Behavior-based promotions boost reach and conversions.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • Data and AI Top
    • IBM Analytics for Apache Spark (Managed Cloud Spark Service)