Business challenge

Despite collecting vast quantities of customer data, Roxaco-Vanguard Hotel Corp. (RVHC) struggled to extract and consolidate the data into a central system for third-party analysis later.


RVHC engaged Interlink to build a solution using IBM Domino technologies that collects and consolidates customer data from hotel systems for third-party analysis.


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compared with other tools, through visual development and open source flexibility

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Facilitates API development

to pull and consolidate disparate data into a central system

Business challenge story

Needing to unlock data

To ensure success, hotels must carefully monitor business performance while offering an exceptional customer experience. Doing this takes information. As the operator of several hotel brands, including five Go Hotels, RVHC garnered vast quantities of customer experience data. It struggled, however, to extract and consolidate the data into a central system where it could then send it to a third-party for analysis and marketing campaign development.

Erwin Felisarta, Senior Software Consultant at Interlink, elaborates on his customer’s predicament. “RVHC needed a solution that would let it interface with a third-party application so it could transfer customer data for analyses. The challenges were that it could only pull data from the hotels it operated, and it wasn’t allowed to make any technical modifications to the existing Go Hotel systems, which run on Domino software.”

With Domino, we can rapidly develop and deploy applications. Also, because Domino runs on different operating systems, it’s a very good solution for our clients.

Erwin Felisarta, Senior Software Consultant, IBM Business Partner Interlink Business Solutions Inc.

Transformation story

Connecting disparate systems

To facilitate data collection and transfer, Interlink installed IBM Domino software within the RVHC infrastructure, just as it previously did with the Go Hotel infrastructure. Using IBM Domino Designer software, Interlink then built a web API to run within the RVHC IT environment, gather the necessary data, and pass it to the third-party system. Data includes customer reservations and check-in and check-out times.

Felisarta adds: “The third-party company had an existing web API it wanted us to use for the interface but we encountered a lot of issues with it, so we wrote our own API using Domino Designer. With Domino, we can rapidly develop and deploy applications. Also, because Domino runs on different operating systems, it’s a very good solution for our clients.”

Results story

Monitoring hotel performance

With its new web API solution and interface and expertise from Interlink, RVHC can pull and consolidate Go Hotel customer data into a central business system. RVHC then sends the data to a third-party for analysis, and executives use the resulting insight to monitor and manage hotel properties and enhance customers’ experiences.

“We’ve implemented the solution for five Go Hotels, and we’re waiting to do a sixth,” concludes Felisarta. “We developed the solution in about a month—which reduces development costs—versus probably three times as long if we used different software. RVHC saves money using this solution. Plus there are no issues; the solution basically runs in the background and does its job. The client is happy with the solution.”


Roxaco-Vanguard Hotel Corp.

Based in Taguig, Philippines, RVHC is a joint venture between Roxaco Land Corp. and Singapore-based Vanguard Hotels Pte. Ltd. The company operates numerous hotel brands across Southeast Asia, including the Go Hotels chain in Metro Manila and major cities in the Philippines. RVHC was founded in  2010 and employs roughly 200 people.


About Interlink Business Solutions Inc.

Established in 1996 in Pasig City, Philippines, IBM Business Partner Interlink specializes in infrastructure design and application development based on IBM Notes® and IBM Domino technologies. As the only authorized training partner in the country, Interlink offers training, application development and consulting services in addition to learning programs tailored to customer requirements.

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