Working with Copenhagen Business School, IBM, and big data, the data findings are supporting our experience and together are helping us operate more efficiently and effectively.

Christina Bilde, Head of Corporate Communications, Roskilde Festival

Business Challenge story

Recognizing that the local Roskilde Festival could act as a controlled environment for research into major issues affecting urban populations. Copenhagen Business School partnered with IBM and the festival to give festival-goers the best experience possible using real-time analytics.


Copenhagen Business School works with IBM Analytics, Cloud Data Services and Smarter Cities teams to provide cloud-based data analysis and prediction to help festival managers make smarter decisions. At the top level, the project intended to look at topics such as: the movement of crowds throughout the event; the sales of food and beverages over time; and the popularity of different musical events. Within these, the team expected to look at interesting correlations. This approach called for a highly flexible solution, which IBM provided in the form of a cloud-based analytics environment running on IBM Cloud.


For 2016, the Copenhagen Business School team is aimed help the festival get smarter in six key areas: ticket sales, food and merchandise sales, cloud services, communications, resource utilization and event marketing. An opt-in mobile app provided live alerts and recommendations to festival-goers, helping reduce the risk of accidents, while also providing greater insight into attendees' experiences throughout the course of the event, so event planners could address any challenges they were seeing in real-time.

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