With IBM Cloudant, we can focus on making RadPad’s user experience even faster and smoother.

Jonathan Eppers, Founder and CEO, RadPad

Business Challenge story

RadPad aims to make renting so much easier. From finding an apartment or home to rent, to paying the rent, RadPad is redefining how millennials rent. As user numbers grow, how can the company optimize search performance?


RadPad migrated from hosted MongoDB clusters to a three-node IBM® Cloudant™ Dedicated Cluster, gaining a scalable, cost-effective and low-maintenance NoSQL database-as-a-service solution.


Today, RadPad has eliminated time-out issues for searches, improving service levels and accelerating complex property searches. Reduced administration enables more focus on improving the user experience.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • Cloudant NoSQLDB