Business challenge

For many companies, deploying cutting-edge analytics themselves is too costly and technically complex. What if there was an easier way for them to unlock strategic insights from their data?


QueBIT uses IBM solutions to develop demand planning and price optimization solutions that bring powerful predictive analytics capabilities within easy reach of organizations.


USD 50 million

saved by a manufacturing client through improved inventory utilization

USD 200 million

higher net sales captured by a client with more agile demand planning

67% reduction

in time taken to complete annual planning cycle for one client

Business challenge story

Planning routes to better business performance

As data volumes increase, more businesses are upgrading their analytics capabilities in a bid to reveal timelier, more nuanced insights that can revolutionize business performance. But for companies around the world, their voyage into deeper data analytics and data science can often be too technically complex, costly, and time consuming to get off the ground.

Leading experts in data analytics at QueBIT have made it their mission to buck this trend and help more businesses unleash the true power of analytics and data science.

Dallas Crawford, General Manager, Advanced Analytics at QueBIT, elaborates: “Customers turn to us for help answering critical questions about their business. Some customers want to know why profit is decreasing on one of their most lucrative product lines. Others are looking to find the best way to prepare their distribution networks for unexpected events, such as tough weather conditions.”

As their data grows in volume and complexity, many organizations find that traditional, spreadsheet-based methods of data analysis are fast becoming untenable.

Crawford continues: “While some companies are lucky enough to have the budget and technical expertise in-house to leverage the latest analytics technologies, many more organizations simply don’t have access to these kinds of resources. What’s more, companies that do deploy cutting-edge analytics solutions frequently spend more time implementing and adapting their new tools than they do extracting insight from their data. We’ve made it our goal to empower organizations to add value to their business with effective analytics.”

Almost every day, we enable clients to save money and increase their revenues using IBM solutions.

Dallas Crawford, General Manager, Advanced Analytics, QueBIT

Transformation story

Gearing up to make the best decisions

To help organizations unlock the full potential of their data, QueBIT has developed proprietary predictive analytics solutions, integrated with IBM Analytics technology.

“We’ve been recommending IBM technology to our customers for many years and we have helped numerous companies enhance their analytics capabilities with IBM solutions,” says Crawford. “So, it was a clear choice for us to select IBM as our technology partner when developing our own solutions.”

One such offering is Galileo—a predictive demand planning solution built on IBM® SPSS® Modeler, IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos® Analytics software, which brings a rich variety of analytics capabilities within easy reach of business users.

“We developed Galileo to help customers establish a sound and accurate baseline for all their forecasting and predictive analytics needs,” explains Crawford. “We also built the solution with versatility in mind. We strongly believe that analytics should compliment the way that people work, and not force them to completely change their approach to doing business. That’s why we’ve designed our decision-making tools so that they can be easily embedded into each organization’s unique business processes, so clients can start seeing results quickly.

“Not only does Galileo support the way a business makes decisions, it also enables you to see the potential impact of the strategies you are formulating; for example, showing how different demand plans could impact key performance indicators [KPIs] like revenue, sales opportunities and margins.”

QueBIT also developed Achilles, a predictive price optimization platform powered by IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM Planning Analytics.

“With Achilles, we created an intuitive graphical user interface that’s integrated with IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM Planning Analytics solutions. Achilles brings IBM’s best-of-breed analytics capabilities within easy reach of business users, so they can model the impact of a range of potential pricing scenarios—helping businesses to avoid loss and decrease customer churn.”

Results story

Formulating strategies for success

By combining its technological expertise with the power of IBM solutions, QueBIT helps clients across a range of industries achieve impressive results—enabling them to accelerate planning cycles, increase revenues and make strategic data-driven decisions.

One retailer deployed QueBIT solutions to help it make smarter decisions about product assortment. Crawford elaborates: “A leading retailer approached us to help determine the most effective way to ensure its products arrive in the right place at the right time. With some 700,000 stock keeping units and over 7,000 store locations, there were billions of possible combinations of stock storage and delivery plans—such a large amount of data it that overloaded the client’s spreadsheet-based planning techniques.”

He continues: “We built a data mining, predictive modeling and scheduling workbench using IBM SPSS Modeler and some of our own custom integrations. With this solution, the client can generate very accurate predictive models using their sales and inventory data. As a result, the business can rapidly visualize which products are likely to sell best in which stores, helping boost inventory utilization and sales turnover.”

QueBIT solutions also enabled another client to reduce the number of hours it spent on its annual planning cycle by 67 percent and cut the time taken to complete weekly planning from three days to just a couple of hours. As a result, the company has freed up more time for its analytics team to dedicate to strategic analytics, helping it add greater value to the business.

Not only does QueBIT help clients save time and enhance their analytics capabilities with IBM technology, it is also helping them to boost revenue.

“One of our clients, a paper manufacturer, experienced difficulties predicting demand and prioritizing orders,” recalls Crawford. “Since implementing Galileo alongside a decision optimization solution built with IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio, that client has saved USD 50 million in excess inventory and waste, while improving utilization on the shop floor.

“Almost every day, we enable clients to save money and increase their revenues using IBM solutions. For example, we recently helped an automotive parts manufacturer make inventory planning more responsive to changing conditions. We used IBM SPSS Modeler to help the company match their inventory planning with regional weather and vehicle populations—enabling them to see when to scale up and scale down their inventory. As a result, the manufacturer has seen an increase of USD 200 million in net sales and a 36 percent increase in product turnover.”

Dallas Crawford concludes: “With IBM technology supporting the solutions and services we bring to our customers, we can provide them with the tools to dig deep into their data and uncover the insights that help boost efficiency, increase profit and reduce waste.”

About QueBIT

A trusted expert in analytics, QueBIT is dedicated to helping organizations leverage their data to make more intelligent decisions that result in significantly improved business value. QueBIT has delivered solutions that span the entire spectrum of analytics to more than 450 organizations, including some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

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