Anyone using DevOps and UrbanCode Deploy should be ready for a big culture change, and, frankly, happier people at the end of the day

Nick Wild, DevOps Specialist, Daimler Trucks North America

Business Challenge story

With business users increasing their requests for new and updated applications, Daimler Trucks North America needed to accelerate its development processes without sacrificing quality. Key to this improvement was implementing the DevOps, a model for application deployment automation that speeds deployments by streamlining the development workflow.


Moving forward with DevOps required the right development tool. The company chose IBM UrbanCode Deploy, which uses a DevOps approach to orchestrate, automate and deploy applications into development, test and production environments. In effect, developers get to manage their own deployment process, including discovering and fixing bugs, instead of handing the job to the middleware team.


UrbanCode Deploy greatly speeds up application deployment and increases developer productivity. In the first six months of using UrbanCode Deploy, Daimler Trucks North America deployed more than 3,000 applications, saving more than 3,000 developer hours compared to the previous process. In addition, application quality has increased due to a rollback feature that helps developers quickly find and resolve problems.

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