Smarter Process is actually a set of technologies that provide business transformation and there truly are spanning business changes combined with technology to actually enable the outcome.

Pramod Sachdeva, Founder and Managing Director, Princeton Blue, Inc.

Business Challenge story

Princeton Blue's customers are often trying to integrate operations and technologies. Many of them are facing regulatory requirements that change the time. It's difficult for organizations to keep up with changing regulations and business needs, while simultaneously operating in the most efficient and productive way.


Princeton Blue develops solutions using the core capabilities from the IBM Smarter Process portfolio to address its customer's challenges.


Using the solutions Princeton Blue creates, its customers are improving productivity and throughout. They're also the creating a more powerful, relevant customer experience using well defined and properly managed processes.

Solution Category

  • Middleware
  • IBM Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • Decisions - Legacy
    • Decisions - Legacy
    • Workflow - Legacy