Business challenge

Pôle emploi’s development teams faced a work backlog. The company wanted to find a new application lifecycle management solution that those teams could use to quickly deliver applications and updates.


Pôle emploi implemented IBM Rational Team Concert software because it supports agile and waterfall projects as well as the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). (Infographic: Rational Team Concert and SAFe)


90% satisfaction rate

with the Rational Team Concert software among project managers

Increases visibility

for project managers, with near real-time access to statuses

Automates reporting

so that users receive better reports in less time

Business challenge story

Facing a development backlog

In recent years, Pôle emploi’s development teams had faced a serious work backlog. The organization wanted to improve its processes by adding online services to allow citizens to apply for unemployment coaching services and benefits. However, project managers for the development teams, which use a mix of agile and waterfall development methods, lacked the tools they needed to effectively manage development work. Manual methods, such as tracking development projects using spreadsheets and creating reports manually using slides, failed to provide the visibility project managers needed.

To accelerate development, the organization wanted to adopt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Company management also sought a new application lifecycle management solution. It wanted development teams to be able to deliver applications and updates more quickly, increase focus on business value, and facilitate greater collaboration among groups, including development teams and the lines of business. “We wanted an agile, collaborative solution that [would] provide visibility into all projects from a single location,” says Michel Levaslot, deputy director of Pôle emploi’s IT department.

At the end of the day, we aim to have all of our projects in Rational Team Concert.

Michel Levaslot, Deputy Director, Pôle emploi

Transformation story

Supporting SAFe with IBM

Pôle emploi implemented IBM Rational Team Concert software—an IBM application lifecycle management solution—and began moving its development projects onto it. The organization chose the application lifecycle management solution because it supports agile and waterfall projects as well as SAFe. “Rational Team Concert is built on an open platform, the IBM Jazz™ platform, so it can easily integrate [with] other tools from IBM and also tools from other vendors, including our HP ALM 12 testing tool,” says Joël Avrilleux, configuration management engineer at Pôle emploi. The SAFe framework includes the concept of an Agile Release Train (ART), which is a virtual organization of teams dedicated to continuous product development. Pôle emploi established several ARTs, including ARTs to update existing unemployment processes, streamline application processes and support employee training processes.

Approximately 1,000 internal and external staff members are currently using the Rational Team Concert software, including contractors and business partners, who access the software through a dedicated network connection. When Pôle emploi begins working with new partners, it’s easy to get them up and running on the Rational Team Concert platform, which helps promote consistent processes among employees, contractors and partners. “By using this tool, everyone is using the same methodologies, so it helps us with collaboration and making sure all the teams are working in the same way,” says Rémy Spagnoli, process and tools manager of Pôle emploi’s IT department.

Results story

Moving forward with IBM DevOps

Pôle emploi has been steadily eliminating its development backlog by working in 3-week sprints to push out incremental updates. And after using the Rational Team Concert software for several months, 90 percent of Pôle emploi’s project managers reported being satisfied with the application. Project managers report much greater visibility into projects. In the past, project managers would meet weekly to share status reports. Now, they can log in to the Rational Team Concert software to access a near real-time view into what’s happening. With the Rational platform, project managers can also create automated reports, which means better reports in less time. Pôle emploi plans to move toward adoption of IBM DevOps solutions, so it is also starting to automate testing and deployment. Additionally, the company is considering test virtualization.

Pôle emploi plans to continue to roll out the Rational application to the entire company. “At the end of the day, we aim to have all of our projects in Rational Team Concert,” says Levaslot.

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Pôle emploi

Pôle emploi is a government agency in France that provides support to unemployed citizens by serving as a link between job seekers and companies, paying income compensation to the unemployed, offering professional development guidance, and also by assisting companies with recruitment plans. It was created in 2008 by combining two agencies, ANPE and ASSEDIC. It employs approximately 54,000 people at 17 regional offices.

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