Business challenge

With tens of thousands of medical studies published each year, physicians struggle to integrate a deluge of valuable information into their clinical practices. At Point of Care, LLC wanted to create a mobile platform powered by cognitive technology to simplify the process of searching through vast volumes of material and deliver precisely targeted results at the point of care.


@Point of Care developed a physician- and patient-facing clinical decision-making mobile platform that features natural language processing and cognitive computing technology that physicians can use to make contextual queries against vast volumes of medical research. With curated and highly accurate responses to queries, healthcare professionals have answers at the point of care and can support better outcomes for patients.


Accuracy rate

of rapid, curated responses to clinical queries


in clinicians’ ability to treat and manage chronic diseases

Physicians changed

diagnosis and treatment protocols after using the tool to query medical research

Business challenge story

Information needing integration

Studies estimate that more than 34,000 references from 4,000 medical journals are added to the US National Library of Medicine each month. This deluge of information contains a wealth of data that physicians need to educate themselves and to inform and support their treatment decisions—that is, if they can discern which sources are the most relevant to their clinical practice and carve out time to read them all.

Healthcare information services provider At Point of Care recognized that both physician and patient could benefit from a more streamlined way of gathering, sharing and understanding information. Each could benefit from the insights that doctors could glean from the vast repositories of scientific and medical references if the information could be curated and delivered by subscription and tailored to support the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases. Additionally, the company realized that patients could provide physicians with a wealth of data at the point of care, information about their symptoms that doctors could use to inform more precise diagnoses and treatment decisions.  

Clinicians can now obtain insightful information precisely when they need it most and ultimately improve the quality of care they deliver.

Transformation story

Improved patient care and outcomes

The company created @Point of Care, a mobile app that relieves clinical practitioners from the burden of searching and culling through vast volumes of material. The company curates a corpus of knowledge gleaned from medical research and delivers this material through a platform with an on-demand search tool that moves beyond traditional keyword search engine protocols to deliver precisely targeted results.

The company integrated physician- and patient-facing mobile portals into the system so that clinicians can gather data directly from patients and use it to create more precise queries for researching medical information. The solution uses natural language processing and cognitive computing technology to decipher what physicians are seeking and to offer the best potential answers. It includes fully dedicated iterations devoted to more than two dozen conditions, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other areas in hematology/oncology.  

Results story

Game-changing outcome

The IBM Cloud solution is game changing because it dramatically transforms the way clinicians educate themselves on the most current medical research relevant to specific conditions under their clinical specialties. By using mobile technology powered by natural language processing and cognitive technology to receive context-specific responses to focused queries, physicians can easily access information that they can bring to bear in making diagnoses and treatment decisions in real time at the point of care. Before-after impact Prior to solution adoption, clinicians were forced to spend time outside regular office hours searching through tremendous volumes of medical research, discerning which sources were helpful and then later applying that knowledge to their clinical practices. Now, physicians can bring their queries and answers into the examining room at the point of patient contact, ask the most important questions at the right time and receive sharply focused answers that are most relevant to the issue at hand, further enriching the doctor-patient relationship. Systems of record, insight or engagement By delivering precise and real-time answers to physicians’ queries using the most relevant medical research, the solution provides a system of insight that dramatically improves clinician knowledge and supports improved performance. The integration of the patient- and physician-facing apps creates a dynamic system of engagement that doctors and patients can use to communicate more effectively and support more accurate diagnosis and better treatment.  

About At Point of Care LLC

At Point of Care, LLC is a healthcare information services provider headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey, in the US. The company provides information services that aid decision making for patients and providers at the point of care.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix
  • Telecom: Accelerate Digital Transformation

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