Business challenge

With a new multiplayer game in development, Pixel Cream sought a cloud hosting solution offering powerful, cost-effective technology, flexible configuration options and global data center locations.


Pixel Cream migrated from an Azure environment to hybrid IBM Cloud infrastructure hosted in data centers throughout Europe, the US, South America and Asia.


15% lower latency

with high-performance IBM Cloud technology and data center presence worldwide

Improves flexibility and control

with intuitive, transparent and easy-to-use IBM Cloud capabilities

Reduces infrastructure costs

and reinvests funds in critical new business areas

Business challenge story

Developing a new multiplayer offering

With a new cross-platform multiplayer offering in development, Pixel Cream anticipated the need for a more powerful cloud hosting solution. To support low-latency service delivery to masses of Way of Redemption players, the company sought cloud infrastructure with high-performance technology, flexible configuration options and data center locations worldwide.

“We need to provide users all over the world—all playing our game at the same time—with a great experience,” says David Garcia, Pixel Cream Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “We need the bandwidth and global presence to serve North America, South America, Asia, Europe and beyond.”

For this kind of real-time video game, we need powerful technology. And with IBM, we got it.

David Garcia, Chief Executive Officer, Pixel Cream

Transformation story

Migrating to an IBM Cloud platform

Pixel Cream migrated from a Microsoft Azure environment to an IBM Cloud hosting infrastructure provisioned by an IBM Cloud Services team based in Spain. “We switched to IBM Cloud because it’s more cost-effective and gives us the opportunity to use a wider range of services,” says Garcia.

Pixel Cream’s IBM Cloud infrastructure includes bare metal server and virtual resources hosted in data centers throughout Europe, the US, South America and the Asia-Pacific region. The company is testing its Way of Redemption offering with user groups worldwide and anticipates incorporating IBM Watson® technology to automatically adjust player settings in its offering.

Results story

Reducing latency to enhance service

By migrating to an IBM Cloud hosting environment, Pixel Cream boosted performance to enhance the level of service it offers to Way of Redemption players around the globe. “We decreased our latency by 15 percent by moving from Azure to the IBM platform,” says Garcia. “For this kind of real-time video game, we need powerful technology. And with IBM, we got it.”

Additionally, the IBM Cloud solution offers the flexibility, transparency and control Pixel Cream requires. “It’s easy to set and adjust server parameters because the IBM Cloud platform is very intuitive,” says Garcia. “It’s also much better than other services in terms of transparency—you can see what you’re using at all times.”

Finally, with IBM Cloud technology, Pixel Cream reduced infrastructure costs and reinvested funds in critical new areas. “We’ve been able to use the money we’ve saved with IBM Cloud to hire two more people in our tech department, including a programmer to focus on the use of AI [artificial intelligence] in Way of Redemption,” says Garcia.

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About Pixel Cream

Launched in 2012, Pixel Cream is an independent video game developer based in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to creating its own video game offerings, the company provides a comprehensive range of third-party services, including game and application development; stand-alone design, publishing, sound and art services; marketing and advertising support; courses and training; and game porting. Pixel Cream is developing Way of Redemption, a cross-platform Multiplayer Online Sports Arena (MOSA) offering slated for global release in 2017.

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