We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for farmers. That’s why we leveraged IBM Watson Advertising Conversations to educate our farmer customers through personalized 1:1 engagements, helping provide information on how they can transform their crops.

Phillip Stanhope, Director of Marketing, Pivot Bio

Business challenge: Pivot Bio’s objective

In a challenging time for the agriculture industry with widespread dependence on synthetic fertilizers, Pivot Bio was looking to increase awareness and education of its new innovative solution that offers farmers the first in-field microbial product that sustainably feeds nitrogen daily to corn crops.

Transformation: Reaching, engaging and educating

Pivot Bio came to IBM Watson Advertising looking for a technology-first solution to reach, engage, and educate growers and agricultural workers on its new, sustainable crop nutrition solution, Pivot Bio Proven™.

As one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies, Pivot Bio is pioneering gam­e-changing advances in crop nutrition and leveraging IBM Watson Advertising Conversations to increase consumers’ education, at scale. Conversations is an AI-powered dialogue solution that uses natural language processing plus extensive training on the brand’s product information to enable 1:1 conversations with consumers about its more environmentally friendly fertilizer solution. 

With Conversations, Pivot Bio engaged in real-time, 1:1 dialogue with consumers that was designed to drive education and awareness, allowing consumers to interact with Pivot Bio directly via dynamic ads on The Weather Channel app and weather.com. The conversational ad was trained on 45 topics based on frequently asked questions that are unique to Pivot Bio. Consumers could ask questions like, “How does Proven™ work?”, “Will Proven™ wash away in the rain?”, and “How much nitrogen is released to the plants? Consumers could also engage with branded modules to explore blogs, videos, and locate their nearest sales representative.

With Conversations, the brand saw meaningful interactions with its target consumers:

  • 5% conversation rate
  • Integrated homescreen experience on The Weather Channel app drove a .59% engagement rate, +2.9x vs. benchmark
  • 1.76 average user inputs per conversation
  • 1.1x more conversations on Integrated homescreen experience vs. Conversations to date 

In addition to driving engagement, Pivot Bio uncovered valuable insights about its consumers which may inform future marketing strategies. 

Solution components

  • AI/Watson