We at Persol feel that when technology is applied to work styles, it will eventually mean a society that can bring out people’s potential and strengths.

Yuta Tsuge, Executive Officer and General Manager, Technology Division, Persol Career Co., Ltd.

Business Challenge

The job landscape in Japan is changing from a tradition of lifetime employment to a more flexible system where employees may have a wider variety of work experience. Human resources (HR) professionals needed a better way to verify that credentials were current, accurate and not altered just to land a job. And job seekers needed a way to update their résumés and securely share them among preferred recruiters and employers.



Persol turned to IBM Garage to create a solution based on IBM Blockchain technology. Persol now uses a permissioned blockchain to store, verify and share employee work history among a consortium of employers, HR firms and employee organizations. Job seekers can share their work history to the blockchain, and HR personnel can search the network for qualified candidates. This will make it easier for Persol and other recruiters to screen applicants and place them in positions matched to their qualifications and interests.


Solution Category

  • Blockchain
  • IBM Cloud