IBM was a clear solution for us. You know at the end of the day we’re a very complex, unique organization. We have 15 different stores and an e-commerce platform that are very different all together and we needed a solution and a company that was going to match that uniqueness and complexity and that for us was IBM.

Kevin Kakalow, Director of Retail, Pebble Beach

Business Challenge story

Pebble Beach needs to satisfy shoppers with 15 unique stores and 30,000 products.


Working with Locus Solutions, Pebble Beach deployed IBM Planning Analytics to help its retail division analyze inventory levels, optimize purchasing and make better use of merchandise. As a result, Pebble Beach can keep its stores fully stocked with the most desirable items, boosting sales and helping guests find the perfect memento of their visit.


Smarter planning helps Pebble Beach ensure guests find the perfect gift – while cutting cost of sales by up to two percent, boosting profitability and accelerating reporting from hours to minutes.

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