One of our largest applications, our TV scheduling app, had a 1,000 test case regression suite...And it would take about six to eight weeks to execute all of these test cases...Using Skytap, we were able to take those 1,000 test cases and divide them up amongst 50 boxes. So we’re running about 20 test cases on each of the Skytap VMs, and we’ve gotten that execution time down to three hours...Our code quality has never been better, and we’re saving time and money.

John Comas, Manager, Platform DevOps, NBCUniversal

Business Challenge story

With myriad applications across its global enterprise, NBCUniversal must be able to deliver new code as quickly as possible, while ensuring the highest quality.


Using IBM UrbanCode software and IBM Cloud for Skytap solutions, NBCUniversal automated DevOps practices and gained the ability to quickly spin up development and test environments as needed.


By dividing 1,000 test cases for its TV program scheduling app across 20 virtual machines on the Skytap Cloud service, NBCUniversal accelerated testing from 6-8 weeks to 3 hours, while improving code quality.

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