We live in a digital economy, everybody needs to move towards API economy, faster time to market, greater efficiency and this is not really possible anymore with old, legacy type of systems, which are monolithic and really hard to maintain.

Krešimir Musa, Director of Consulting Services, CROZ d.o.o.

Business Challenge story

With the arrival of the digital economy, many companies must make changes to existing monolithic applications. The digital economy demands greater efficiency and faster time to market. But it can be difficult to accomplish these goals with existing infrastructures and practices, such as complex architectures, long-term development projects and teams working in silos.


CROZ helps companies to adapt to the digital economy by replacing monolithic architecture with microservices and using DevOps methods supported by software from IBM. CROZ helps its customers create microservices with small, cross-functional teams organized around business functions. DevOps solutions from IBM, including IBM UrbanCode Build, IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release software support continuous requirements management, continuous testing and collaborative development.


By working with CROZ, customers can implement small changes that lead to incremental growth, which are less risky and cost less than massive changes implemented all at once. Companies can improve efficiency and accelerate time to market using the DevOps methods supported by IBM software.

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