Orion and IBM Watson working together to let people speak, translate, and be understood across a wide variety of environments, regardless of where they are.

Jesse Robbins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Orion Labs, Inc

Business Challenge

1.     Push-to-talk (PTT) voice services help teams communicate quickly and effectively in industries such as healthcare, first response, public safety, mining and hospitality. But what if they could do more if they were integrated with AI?


The Orion Voice Platform enables heads-up, real-time voice at the push of a button without special radios or phones and can reach anywhere served by carrier and WiFi networks. Orion Labs integrated IBM Watson running on IBM Cloud to amp up this remote communication. For example, Watson can understand and translate more than 60 languages in real time for multi-national teams. For first responders or others in high-stress situations, Watson can analyze a speaker’s personality and emotions to identify stress in tone and sentiment. Thus, stress in a first responder’s voice could alert the team to a dangerous situation. Watson natural language processing also powers a “panic bot” for workers that initiates emergency workflows after hearing “help” or other keywords. The message is then transcribed with a GPS location pin so colleagues can respond directly.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud