Business challenge

Manage your cellphone and internet accounts at the touch of button, anytime, anywhere: how does that sound? Orange Espagne was looking to offer this capability to customers like you.


Orange Espagne worked with IBM and Oracle to transform its cool Mi Orange mobile app with revolutionary self-service capabilities, empowering customers with full control of their accounts.



digitalization fits the lifestyle of busy, on-the-go consumers


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Hundreds of thousands

of new users joining the app community

Business challenge story

Seeking to deliver innovative self-service capabilities

Digitally-savvy, on-the-move users like you have high expectations from their telecommunications providers: easy, rapid and secure access to accounts, tailored to fit busy, active lifestyles. Customer service and user experience are critical decision factors when selecting a network provider, and Orange Espagne was on a mission to make life easier for its consumers.

Susana Andujar, Director of Digital Channels at Orange Espagne explains: “At Orange Espagne, we are increasingly fascinated by the huge potential of mobile technologies. By leveraging data, we can get to know our customers better, learn more about who they are, what their purchasing patterns are, and what they are interested in. And because our motto is ‘getting you closer to what matters to you the most’, we knew that our own mobile technologies offered the ideal way to build up our insight.”

“In our sector, customers have come to expect excellent, always-available self-service capabilities, from checking their mobile balance and remaining data allowance to activating roaming services when abroad.

“To meet – and exceed – our customers’ expectations, we sought to enable them to fully control each and every aspect of their Orange accounts, including mobile, landline, internet and TV, from one single, ultra-smart tool. Guiding our customers to a more frequent use of such a tool would allow us to deepen our understanding of and engagement with them, which helps us focus our marketing campaigns with tailored product offerings, and increases consumer satisfaction.”

With Mi Orange – and the support from IBM and Oracle – we are confident that our customers can truly get closer to what matters to them the most.

Susana Andujar, Director of Digital Channels, Orange Espagne

Transformation story

Putting power into the customer’s hands

Orange Espagne wanted to give its customers secure access to current information, for multiple services, through a sleek, pleasant and user-friendly interface. A long-term IBM customer, Orange Espagne was confident when it chose to team up with IBM once again.

Susana Andujar continues: “We have been working with IBM for about ten years – they know us and are committed to supporting our goals with their technology and expertise. For this project, we joined forces with a team from IBM Services, who skillfully handled the initial analysis and supported us by harnessing the IBM Design Thinking methodology. Following this, we worked closely with IBM to build and develop a new version of the existing Mi Orange app starting from scratch.”

Orange Espagne leveraged IBM Design Thinking methodology at IBM’s digital lab center, which allowed the company and all the relevant stakeholders to work in a creative, collaborative environment, teaming up in small groups to pinpoint customers’ requirements and develop an entirely customer-centric tool. Through the Design Thinking approach, IBM® Services® assisted Orange Espagne in each and every step of its digital transformation – from designing the prototypes to testing the solution, from developing the code to building focus groups with Orange Espagne’s customers to evaluate the app.

“The IBM Design Thinking methodology harnessed by IBM Services allowed us to incorporate customer feedback and user testing right from the beginning of the project,” elaborates Susana Andujar. “IBM helped us to produce three different mock-up versions of the app, which we then submitted to a selected group of customers requesting their feedback. Throughout the implementation, we encouraged step-by-step comments, advice, and requests from our customers, which translated into a genuinely customer-oriented, user-friendly end-product – and we launched the version that received the most praise from our customers.”

Orange Espagne’s Mi Orange app is powered by IBM MobileFirst™, a leading solution for multi-platform development. The MobileFirst solution allowed Orange Espagne to launch both its Android and iOS versions within a very short time frame.

“IBM MobileFirst enables to gather all of our users’ data – from mobile to internet – in one single tool, accessed via a single sign-on,” comments Susana Andujar. “New elements such as push notifications were added to help our customers to always be up-to-date on their accounts, and offer interesting tips and news that are relevant to their usage and purchasing patterns. What’s more, the tool’s in-built Direct Update feature helps us to update the app to new versions in a very agile, straightforward way. For example, whenever we want to edit any non-native features of the app – such as buttons, icons or screen layout – we can do so without having to go through lengthy and complex approval cycles, as the core of the app remains untouched.”

As part of the project, Orange Espagne also implemented a suite of Oracle products, including Oracle Coherence, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle WebCenter Sites.

Oracle GoldenGate replicates changes in the systems of record, and communicates those to Oracle Coherence, the company’s data repository. Accessible in less than one second, Oracle Coherence stores the customers’ data and interacts with the Mi Orange app, which presents the customers’ information through a visually engaging, user-friendly interface.

Oracle WebCenter Sites acts as the content management system which uses the Mi Orange app to build the interface that customers view. “Oracle WebCenter Sites supports us with managing the app directly from the business side, allowing us to react very swiftly to any new customer request and modify the app content on-the-fly,” says Susana Andujar.

Results story

Self-managed customers are happier customers

The Mi Orange app delivers self-service capabilities that enable Orange Espagne’s customers to manage all of their accounts via one single, digital tool, as Susana Andujar explains: “Many of our transactions are now 100 percent digital. This fits beautifully with the Mi Orange app, and perfectly with people’s busy lifestyles.”

Customers can access their data in less than one second thanks to the Oracle Coherence tool. Susana Andujar states: “The customer experience has dramatically improved, as our customers themselves have remarked: they find the app so much easier to use, more visually compelling and rapid to navigate, and they love the self-service options. Because of this user-friendliness and simplicity, our customers have gone from an average of two to seven monthly sessions in the past few months, with hundreds of thousands of new users downloading the app.”

By analyzing the app usage of millions of old and new customers, Orange Espagne has gained a better understanding of customer behavior, interests and purchasing patterns. Susana Andujar confirms: “We found out that customers particularly appreciate the single sign-on that gives them the ability to view internet usage directly on the app dashboard without having to switch from one webpage to another.”

Similarly, Mi Orange also enables customers to easily and rapidly view, edit and update their TV and landline services, directly via the app.

Susana Andujar concludes: “Our short-term goal is to bring the look and feel of our app to the rest of our digital channels – including our website and our social media pages – in order to provide our customers with an integrated experience across our digital platforms. With Mi Orange – and the ongoing support offered by IBM and Oracle – we are confident that we can achieve this, and that our customers can truly get closer to what matters to them the most.”  


Orange Espagne

Spain is the second-largest market of Orange Group, one of the global leading telecommunications providers. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Madrid, the company delivers mobile, telephone, internet and TV services to nearly 20 million customers across Spain.

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  • GBS AD&I - EA - Oracle
  • GBS AD&I - EA - Oracle - Other Business Applications
  • IBM Global Business Services
  • TME: Network and Platform Agility

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