Business challenge

Coordinating the activities of Special Operations Forces requires analysts to analyze a vast flow of multi-source data in real-time, build up and share intelligence, and help define the next targets.


The central command team selected IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis to power a central intelligence repository, proving an aggregated view of information that helped improve situational awareness across the SOF units participating in the exercise.

In addition, the command team deployed IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook® Premium to give analysts visualization tools that make it easier to find key information in large volumes of complex data. This solution helped analysts piece disparate data into a cohesive intelligence picture, identifying key individuals, events, connections and patterns that might otherwise have remained hidden.


Using the IBM technologies helped analysts on multiple teams manage large volumes of diverse data arriving in a constant flow, pick out the most interesting or significant information, and analyze it against the backdrop of the evidence already gathered to see connections and reveal the bigger picture. In turn, this enabled the analysts to steer field operatives towards the most relevant next targets, in the process gathering more information to feed back into the growing picture of the entire operational scenario.

Solution category

  • Security Solutions