Unless you give AI to every customer-facing employees across the global enterprise, it won’t move your business. That’s why we deliver Sia to everyone’s desktop from the IBM Cloud.

André König, Founder, Opentopic Inc.

Business Challenge

Opentopic Inc. struggled with the deluge of data available to them daily, including unstructured text, images, email, social media, news feeds, video, audio, expert sources and data from CRM and ERP systems. The data’s overwhelming volume, speed and complexity made it difficult to use to support customers and business goals.


Opentopic developed Sia, a business-ready analytical assistant for people who work in financial services. Powered by IBM Watson and blockchain technologies, Sia doesn’t tell users what to do or predict the future. But when integrated into users’ daily workflow, Sia can help generate unbiased, data-based insights.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson
  • IBM Cloud