So some specific products that help us with our customers, in DevOps, are the UrbanCode products - the automated build, deploy, and release capabilities. The larger the organization, the more you need these things.

Chris Nowak, Chief Transformation Officer, Kingsmen Software

Business Challenge story

Kingsmen seeks to help complex organizations adopt DevOps, ensuring not only that the appropriate tooling is in place but helping them develop a DevOps culture as well, a culture geared to deliver ideas faster and streamline collaboration between business and IT.


Kingsmen helps organizations with complex application and infrastructure environments apply IBM UrbanCode software to automate their build, deploy and release capabilities. To instill a DevOps ethos, Kingsman focuses on culture, automation, lean process interaction, metrics and measurements, and sharing and collaboration (CALMS).


With UrbanCode software, Kingsmen typically facilitates dramatic improvements in application delivery speed—as much as a 75 percent decrease in time required to launch a new application. Because of increased automation enabled by the UrbanCode platform, Kingsmen’s customers are able to devote more time to quality and testing, not only improving application performance, but easing internal collaboration.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware