Our new container pools have saved us up to 40 percent in storage, and given us up to 10 times’ faster backup and restore speeds.

Petur Eythorsson, Backup Solutions Manager, Nyherji

Business Challenge story

How could IT service provider Nyherji expand its share of the growing cloud services market, meeting both the price and performance expectations of companies today?


With IBM® Spectrum Protect™, Nyherji ensures customer data is always in safe hands, while improving efficiency through features such as container pools, storage compression and high-speed data transfer.


Nyherji achieved 40 percent storage savings and 10 times faster backup and restore speeds using IBM Spectrum Protect, enabling it to enhance both its own and customers’ bottom lines and reduce risk.

Solution Category

  • Systems Software
  • Solution Components

    • Spectrum Protect (inc CDM)
    • Spectrum Protect (inc CDM)