[SoftLayer is] more cost-effective and improves the performance and overall user experience of our solutions.

Tim Llewellynn, chief executive officer and co-founder, nViso SA

Business Challenge story

nViso SA sought a high-performance cloud hosting infrastructure to extend its emotion recognition solutions to a global customer base.


Using shared SoftLayer server resources, nViso provides emotion analytics service offerings to approximately 30 companies worldwide. Additionally, the organization provisions dedicated SoftLayer infrastructure to support customers integrating nViso emotion recognition capabilities into their own products, services and marketing campaigns.


Migrating to a flexible SoftLayer platform helped nViso tune its hosting infrastructure, resulting in enhanced performance and a better user experience. Additionally, greater configuration flexibility allows nViso to better address specific customer needs. To support customers using the nViso application programming interface (API) offering for digital marketing campaigns, nViso can easily scale infrastructure as needed. Finally, with SoftLayer hosting infrastructure, nViso shares data among data centers worldwide without accruing charges, which helps the company keep costs low.

Solution components

  • Cloud