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NSEIT Ltd. in India depends on its information systems to operate effectively. How can NSEIT ensure that these vital systems are always available?


NSEIT relies on email, instant messaging, mobile capabilities from IBM Collaboration Solutions to deliver fast and effective helpdesk, maintenance and procurement services for NSEIT operations.



business units collaborate on a central platform


rapid resolution of IT issues


stringent service-level agreements

Business challenge story

Delivering on time, every time

Today, information systems are a key enabler of every financial services offering. As well as driving core systems for algorithmic trading, IT supports the line of business applications that ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly.

For companies such as NSEIT Ltd.—a leading information services provider headquartered in Mumbai, India—meeting the stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) of financial services businesses can be a tough challenge.

Mr. Nandkumar, Project Manager at NSEIT Ltd., takes up the story: “Since the National Stock Exchange [NSE] in India was founded in 1992, it has quickly grown into one of the largest exchanges in the world by daily turnover and number of trades for equities and derivatives. As NSE grew, its need for information systems grew with it—and in 1999, the internal IT organization was spun off into an independent services business called NSEIT.

“Today, we offer IT support services to our parent company, and to other global businesses in the financial services space. Because we work in a time-sensitive industry where IT is mission-critical, any unplanned downtime can have substantial costs for our clients—and as a result, we must meet demanding SLAs.

“Achieving this goal depends on clear, effective communication—both between our clients and our service desks, and between different departments inside NSEIT. For large organizations such as ours who serve even larger clients, the challenge is to shape a transparent way of working that encourages collaboration and enables maximum efficiency.”  

When you serve clients with stringent SLAs, strong collaboration is vital. Thanks to our IBM solutions, we keep our most demanding clients satisfied.

Mr. Nandkumar, Project Manager, NSEIT Ltd.

Transformation story

Building a platform for effective collaboration

Since 2002, NSEIT has relied on IBM Collaboration Solutions to deliver email, calendaring services and more.

“One of the things that impressed us most about the IBM solution was its versatility,” recalls Mr. Nandkumar. “In addition to providing a highly secure email service, IBM Notes® offered us the ability to use IBM Domino® Designer to develop our own custom applications—enabling us to automate and support core business processes such as ticket management for our helpdesk.”

He continues: “Better still, of all the solutions we considered IBM Notes was by far the most cost-effective. As a young company, we were keen to contain our capital spend—and the IBM solution enabled us to build the collaboration capabilities we needed quickly and with minimal business risk.”

NSEIT has continued to build on its IBM solutions—and today the solutions are a crucial aspect of its service delivery infrastructure. Today, the company uses IBM Notes and IBM Domino with IBM Notes Traveler and IBM Sametime® to help its employees and clients stay connected.

“Our use cases for the IBM solutions have evolved over the years,” explains recalls Mr. Nandkumar. “Around 60 percent of our usage of Notes and Domino is for pure collaboration activities, and the remaining 40 percent is for applications built on the Domino platform. Over the years, our in-house team has augmented our IBM Notes and Domino environment with many of the capabilities of an enterprise-class ERP system—enabling us to standardize our processes across the business.”

NSEIT’s IBM solutions enable it to serve demanding clients effectively—ensuring it can meet tough SLAs.

“We deliver IBM Notes and Domino to five business units within NSEIT,” says Mr. Nandkumar. “For employees at NSEIT who work in the same departments but in separate locations to their colleagues, IBM Sametime is especially valuable because it enables them to have quick conversations as if they were sitting one desk apart.

“Similarly, our management team benefit particularly from the Traveler app on their mobiles, as it enables them to keep on top of their emails even when they are out of the office attending meetings or visiting our clients.”

Mr. Nandkumar adds: “We have worked closely with IBM for many years, and in all that time we have never found their support to be anything other than helpful and responsive. We see IBM as a trusted partner, and their product development roadmap continues to align with our long-term vision for collaboration.”  

Results story

Satisfying the most stringent client requirements

With IBM Collaboration Solutions at the heart of its business processes, NSEIT ensures that it can serve clients effectively.

“As the number of employees and workstations in NSEIT grew over the years, we wanted to ensure that we were investigating issues, solving them and closing the tickets within our SLA windows,” explains Mr. Nandkumar. “Using IBM Notes, we developed an application that automates the process from end to end. If a user at NSEIT experiences an IT issue, they can open up the Notes application, fill out the details of the problem, and submit all the details to NSEIT at the touch of a button.

“Once submitted, the application automatically opens a ticket with our helpdesk and creates a work order for one of our engineers to go on site to investigate the issue. If for any reason a call is not attended, the system offers three levels of escalation to ensure that the work is completed in a timely manner. And because the histories of all of our tickets—open and closed—are managed on a centralized system, it’s simple to deliver granular service-level information to satisfy our auditors.”

IBM solutions are also helping NSEIT to automate paper-based processes—helping it to improve operational efficiency.

“In the past, we utilized paper-based approval processes for a number of activities, which meant that our personnel would have to submit a request in writing to their manager before taking an action,” comments Mr. Nandkumar. “As well as being time-consuming, the paper-based process increased the risk of important documents getting lost in the shuffle, introducing delays and degrading our efficiency.

“Thanks to IBM Notes, we were able to create a digital workflow for the approval process. Not only does the new way of working accelerate processes that require management-level approval, it also reduces our dependence on paper—helping us to shrink our operational costs.”

Based on its years of positive experiences with IBM Collaboration Solutions, NSEIT is already planning for the future.

“The bigger a company grows, the more difficult it can be to cultivate a lively environment for discussion and innovation,” says Mr. Nandkumar. “Our employee directory enables our people to locate and connect with peers from any part of the organization—helping them to find the right skills to drive projects and initiatives.

“Looking to the future, we are interested in building on our success with IBM Notes and Domino by creating a social business network in the cloud, powered by IBM Connections Cloud S1. In addition to shrinking our costs by reducing the need for on-premises compute, storage and networking resources, the cloud will give us access to cutting-edge cognitive capabilities via IBM Verse™. By using analytics to surface the most relevant information to each employee, we see that the solution could help us to work even more effectively.”

He concludes: “When you serve clients with stringent SLAs, strong collaboration is vital. Thanks to our IBM solutions, we keep our most demanding clients satisfied.”  

About NSEIT Ltd. (100% subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India)

Headquartered in Mumbai, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is India's leading stock exchange, incorporated in 1992 by leading institutions to provide a modern, fully automated screen-based trading system with national reach. NSE uses state-of-the-art information technology to provide an efficient and transparent trading, clearing and settlement mechanism. Founded in 1999, NSEIT Ltd. is an independent wholly owned subsidiary of NSE, delivering managed services, cloud, mobility and analytics solutions to financial services organizations around the world.

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  • ESS: SmartCloud Traveler (SaaS)
  • ICS: Domino
  • ICS: Notes
  • ICS: Sametime

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